Love A Little More Tomorrow


Today I have felt the need to write for most of the day. No matter what I was doing or who I was with the desire to let my words out was there nagging.

My day started off a little on the down side. Thought is was the weather, maybe it’s lack of going to the gym, diet change, stress.. maybe it’s a little all of them.

This is one of those times in my life I need to dig back in my posts and re-read some of the things I write and take some of my own advice.

This post isn’t about all that, because with the storm that is going on in my life at the moment, tomorrow is a special day. It’s the birthday of a wonderful woman and friend that I have completely fallen in love with.

I would like to tell a little story..

I wish I could say that we met one sunny day and it was love at first sight, no not in this story and its definitely not because she lacks beauty. It’s because I was in a bad place when we met and wanted a friend not another relationship. Her always positive attitude was exactly what I needed.

So we talked and walked and began to feel the shell I placed on my heart fall away. We met here and there for few months, coffee at Biggby, little walks at my favorite place, the Flats and she likes sushi. Day after day, night after night I started to feel a calm and my mind began to slow it’s spin. One day lead to another, one good night message was always followed by a good morning. That was a little over a year ago now and I still look forward to her good morning message like a breath of fresh air.

Tomorrow is September 9th and her birthday, she does not like to make a big deal about it or be the center of attention. But if any of you know me, I enjoy the little things and have no problem helping it feel like a celebration. it’s a day for her so I felt the need to express how thankful I am for her. I have met many people in my life, some are still in my life others have drifted away and I can say that not many have made such a lasting impression on my heart as Jen.

From the first time we talked we had  a strange connection, even our children call it creepy at times. Some of the things we did, words we said and even expressions we make were exact. We still fill in one another’s words on accident all the time and it’s always the same response “yup”.

That “yup” mean so much to me and I am so appreciative of what we share. I hope that you read this and that you would go out of your way for the one you love a little extra tomorrow because that is the kind of woman Jen is. Tomorrow is her day and I hope it’s a great day!

Happy Birthday hunny, I love you!


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