Take Your Time With Life


How often do you take a minute and look around? I have not been walking as much as I did last year, it has served its purpose so to speak. I am not taking the time to do it as much as I did. I do however miss the things I saw, the peace I felt and the freedom of the air, sun and sounds. I continue to make other priorities more important. I plan to take today (after I get out of work) and enjoy today to the fullest.

“Take time today to appreciate beauty – natural beauty, art, and people. Slow down, breathe deeply, and smile. It’s a beautiful world”. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

 This quote was a great reminder to slow down and enjoy life; stop stressing about money. Yes we need it to live and we should work to live not live to work. Day after day I slowly drift from enjoying the little things to focusing more on work and “life” than enjoying it. I hope this is a reminder not only to me but others to slow down and take time to enjoy the little things in life.



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