Expect Nothing and Cherish Everything


Do you think of the future? Do you dream for something more?

I will be completely honest; I am nowhere near where I would have told you I would be 5 years ago. I never planned having my surgery changing how I have to eat, I never planned to be divorced, and it was never in my dreams to only see my daughters 50 percent of the time…

It has completely destroyed how I dream and plan for the future and at the same time opened up so many opportunities in my life. I have learned so many things going through everything I have been through.

I used to dream often about the future, dreaming of what it will be like, where I will be, what I will have and how my life will be. As I get older the dreams have decreased considerably and the reality that my dreams are nothing more than a hope for how I would like my life to end. The truth is I don’t really dream much for the future, and it’s not out of depression or hopelessness. It’s from the understanding and acceptance that nothing we plan for is guaranteed.

“There are all kinds of futures. There is a hoped-for future, there is a feared future, there is a predictable future, and there is an unimagined future”. – Werner Erhard

I have hope for the future and more importantly I have found gratitude for today, it’s what I find in today that will shape and mold tomorrow not what I dream for. I have had so many men in my family save their entire life for retirement, dreaming of what it will be like after they work hard their entire life. Only to suffer a life changing illnesses and destroying all hope for the future they spent so many years dreaming to enjoy. It breaks my heart to have seen someone close to me set themselves up for a great life, full of family and enjoyment only to fall to something they never planned.

I guess I hope to express the message don’t give up today waiting on the future you hope and dream for. I have missed out on a lot of years hoping to reach “something” and when I have finally reached what it is I longed for in most cases it’s not what I was expecting. So my dreams for the future continued to bigger and better things.

I have given up so many years to this cycle of hopes and expectations. In most circumstances the feelings I had hoped for did not match the expectations I had. Today I am not quite where I want to be, and I’m satisfied and grateful for exactly what I have and where I am.

Right now, in this minute I’m building my future, every step, every action, who I decide to have in my life, how I treat my loved ones and how I give and love are all the little steps to my future.

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly”. – Richard Buckminster Fuller

I want to end conveying my gratitude for those in my life that helped me after I fell, picked me up and smacked my butt and told me to “get back in there” and for those who didn’t give up when times got hard. I also want to say thank you to those who are a part of my life now. My goals in life have changed extensively, I want to live today and beyond that I hope that my actions in life will guide me to a beautiful future.

Expect nothing and cherish everything, you never know when your life will change.


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