Good Times, Good Memories and Good Lessons 

It’s getting colder, more rain, less sun and the nice weather is coming to an end. It’s becoming more of an effort to get dressed, wind breakers in the morning, socks and shoes and soon we will break out the dreadful winter gear. 

I’m not trying to make you all mad talking about the weather changes, I’m sure you’re all aware of the weather changes in Michigan lately. So I will get to the point. 

Remember the great days, long night and hot days.

“Good times become good memories, and bad times become good lessons”. 
Over the last year I have broken through so many walls I was fearful to even talk about. I have really began to grow into a deeper understanding of my daughters and have fallen in love when I told myself “never again“.

I had so many fears and bad thoughts about life and anger consuming my heart. Bitterness and resentment was running my life and guiding every decision. But the sun rose again, the clouds parted and I am alive to make my life different. I can remember the good now and it doesn’t change my day, I can look at pictures and it no longer takes me to a dark place. 
There is a season for everything, a time for happiness and a time for sadness. Learning that nothing will stay the way it is forever is a relief sometimes. 

Enjoy the good days, cherish the time that fills your heart and hold onto the little moments that take your breath away. Hug your children often, hug your loved one when you can and if there’s something that needs to be said, don’t wait. 

One day what you have will be gone! Our children grow and move on into their own lives, our loved ones pass on and our own body’s begin to wear out. I only get this time, these few years on earth to live. Thinking that one day I will be too old to enjoy the crazy life of my youth is more than enough to overcome my fear and do what I want to do today. 

How do your regrets feel… Quit adding to the list and do what your heart desires. As long as you hold respect, integrity, love and appreciation in your heart, live the life you would like to live. 


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