I’m Just One Small Piece of The Puzzle

Anytime you move into an area of your life that was not planned, not expected or undesirable, it is rarely with excitement. 

Today I feel like I’m standing on a wall and can see where I have been just as good as where I’m going. I feel at peace yet hesitant to move, not out of fear; out of knowing there’s no going back from some steps. 

I apologize in advance for how vague I am being however this is very personal.

At the same time I do not want to miss out on the opportunity to share how empowering letting go can be and how important connections are. 

I have lived 36 years and one month on this earth, and I feel like I’m just know seeing how it works. The world is neutral, the elements are continually changing and the days are 24 hours consistently. It’s people that are the variables. 

Who are we connected with, why are we connected to that person and what purpose do we have for the connection? This morning was a great example, a friend posted a simple quote on social media and it triggered something in me to write. I was having a bad day, and my girlfriend asked a simple question “how are you doing“? Those 4 words brought tears to my eyes as I explained where I was today. The combination of the post and the loving question was the perfect mixture with the perfect trigger to write and post something that was later found to impact someone’s day positively. 

This is it! That is the key to life, the lifeblood of all existing while we are here. To connect, help one another and be one piece of the puzzle that inspires, motivates and pushes us all to make an impact. Some small, some large yet all a part of the movement of life. 

Today I have been absolutely pissed, I have cried, I have laughed, vented, and I have impacted at least one person other than myself. Tomorrow’s a new day to make my little piece of the puzzle count. 

Some connections are more needed than other, and at the same time enjoy all of them appropriately and according to what they are in your life. 


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