Keep Moving, Keep Pushing!


When you find yourself at a point in your life that feels like a destination, rests in that but do not remain there.

Looking back at my life I have done a lot of resting and not a lot of pushing onto the next thing. I find my comfort zone and that becomes my new place to hunker down and sleep. It’s only through the struggles of my life I find the majority of my change.

What if I was a little more proactive and a little less reactive to the situations in my life?

What if I found the rest in knowing that I’m doing well but for a change didn’t stop there; I broke through and continued on with the energy and feelings of accomplishment to reach a new area of achievement for my life.

I truly feel that I have more to give, more to offer and more to do than wake up go to work, cook dinner and help with homework only to do it again. I really feel that I’m on the verge of something huge and there is so much more to my story that has not yet been written.


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