Is Meeting a Deadline Worth Your Happiness


There is more to life than increasing its speed”. – Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

Well this is ironic,

Today I was discussing some plans with my girlfriend about this very topic, rushing to make everything fit into the schedule with 4 girls that all have things to do in their lives and trying to add more to a full schedule as opposed to taking less on in our lives and enjoying the plans we have.

I catch myself adding and adding to the already busy schedule, I’m learning to step back and pass up on events so the things we already have going on in our lives are more enjoyable and not just a motion to get through to meet another deadline. Life is short enough, and to not enjoy it takes away what life itself is. Living without taking time fully engage what we “sign up for” is wasting life not living it.

Have you ever been so busy you feel like you can’t even breathe let alone enjoy what it is that is consuming your time? I find myself sitting back and thinking “what was that” when its Friday and I think of the week I had and not really even remembering what my week looked like let alone having enjoyment in it.

“Is a deadline worth your health and happiness? Consider a gentler, quieter, slower life. Pause to smell the roses, to breathe, to take a quiet moment for yourself”. – Further reading: Quiet Time, the Quiet Voice of Courage, The Beat of the Universe Finding God in Silence Your Intuition is Your Guide

Image source: Work With Grace


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