Why I write, A Look Inside My Mind

I really wanted to do something a little different in this post, I wanted to give you all a look into what motivates me to write and the process that has gotten me here.

I have always been a big thinker, even as a child in school I remember drifting off in daydreams and doodling on the edges of my assignment. I also remember most of my teachers nagging and complaining about how I do not pay attention, and have a lack of motivation in general. Its not that I didn’t want to learn its that what I was learning I could really care less about.

I wanted to know things like, what my life would be like when I am able to get away from home? How some people say they love you more than anything in the world, yet can leave? Why I have to deal with the things I had to deal with at such a young age? I was consumed with adult situations as a child and felt I didn’t have time to lean how important Math will be when I get older. By the way I only use a fraction of the crap they tough and I work in a Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

My writing began like the birth of a baby, and like a baby I was learned to speak. I began to read and re-writing it in my words through the various filters of my life. I still receive the same daily emails from another writer and almost every time I read the quotes I’m inspired to change my mood, outlook I have on the day or it inspires me to take time write for you all here on Real Life.

When I began Real Life 5 years ago it was a group on Facebook (and still is) as a way to release the words that felt trapped in my head. It felt like I was holding the weight of my life on my shoulders and adding more and more daily. The first post I shared, words can’t describe the feeling, but if you know me, you know I’ll try anyway.

When I talk or try to explain through emotion I stumble over my words, sometimes my emotions are overwhelming and I cry, I do not stutter but then again my mind goes way faster than the words come out, so I guess it is a form of stuttering. What you may end up hearing are bullet point topics that may not even make sense and in some cases change topics half way into the conversation. Writing calms the words down to a manageable flow making it a little easier to understand.

In the beginning I would read and search the internet for something that impacted me and triggered an emotion to write, now I find life itself accomplishes what I was searching for.

I do read daily and if it impacts or triggers any emotion I write. Today what I write reaches deeper into my heart and less from outside influences. At first I didn’t put it together that maybe I’m supposed to write, I just did it because it felt good and it was a coincidence people liked what I have to say; I see now that there’s no way I could meet others exactly where they need to be met without it being a gift. That’s what makes me love writing, I feel something and have the ability to express it and the confidence to actually post it.

How many of you have a story that needs to be heard but are afraid to share?

By adding my personal touch and a little piece of who I am through the emotions it generates as I write, I create a connection to those who read my personal interpretation of what I feel and experience, I connect. You may not know me, you may not have ever read anything I have written and all it takes is one post to feel the genuineness of what I write.

To me no matter how “big” Real Life becomes, how far my words reach or if I one day write a book. That is not what matters to me as much as hearing about the one person’s life I truly impacted and the years of posts I will leave behind for my daughters and their children.

That is why I write and this is a small look into the mind of Scott Jenkins and a legacy I leave in my words about the life I lived.

(Daily Inspiration – Daily Quotes – Jonathan Lockwood Huie http://www.jonathanlockwoodhuie.com/ )


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