Sometimes Getting Lost is the Best Way to be Found


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes, don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality, let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”. – Lao Tzu

 I have found what I wanted most when I stopped looking, I found myself while I was lost in the woods walking night after night alone, I found love when I found myself, and I found a better relationship with my daughters when I gave up pretending to be something I wasn’t to them. I have learned to stop fighting and looking for my life to be what the world perceives a man to be, how a father should act and how partner should love. In return I have been given far more than I ever knew existed. I also gave up trying to please others; if you please yourself your presence in their life will be pleasing to their heart, it’s not my job to make anyone else happy, why should I rely on them for my happiness.

I have never had the ability to pretend things are what they are not or fake being happy when I am clearly not. I feel deep inside my heart that God has lead me here to rest and know that for now the struggles are over. I am not so naive to think that my life will always be smooth, however I have faith that when it becomes hard again I can get through it because of what I have been through and being on the other side of it.

Today I am happy, I am loved, I can love back and the relationship with the most important human on earth, my daughters, we have reached a place in our hearts that we have never reached.

Before I knew I was lost I was found, unexpectedly it was by a boy I haven’t seen in a very long time, I am very pleased to have him back.

When did you lose the little boy or girl you were?

What was it that took away the joy as a child?

I hope that one day you find the most important person in your life; yourself.


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