Become What You Dream


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Today is a great example, I got up almost 2 hours after my normal time, skipped the gym and did not sleep well because like an idiot I had a pop (soda for my southern readers) late last night and I’m sensitive to caffeine. So at 11pm while I was playing a game on my phone I said “oh, tomorrow morning is going to suck” and guess what it did. Did I believe it therefore it happened or was it inevitable because I didn’t get much sleep.

Sometimes we fail before we even begin by believing we will fail before we start.

A great example is my oldest daughter has joined her high school power lifting team and so she has been training, studying her body and fully engaged in the idea of it. However like all beginnings lack the knowledge about her body’s strengths and weaknesses. We decided to go to my gym and train for a little, so we began to walk around the gym and get a feel for what she will be focusing on and I had her do a few reps of a something she has not done much of. I set the machine to a very light weight just to gauge where she was. After watching how quickly she moved the weight and the amount of effort she used I doubled the weight, her response was “I can’t lift that” and I replied “have you even tried”?

She gave up before she even tried, in her mind she told herself she couldn’t so I lowered the weight, but what she doesn’t know is without her looking dropped the pin back down, and She moved that weight…

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act”. – Leonard Cohen

The moral to the story is to not give up before you even know what you are capable of. Today’s warm-up weight was once my PR (personal record). I have learned a lot about lifting that relates to life. We limit ourselves so often that we do not even see it in most cases. Trying to fit into comfort and follow the pack so to speak. I no longer count my sets and reps, I lift until it burns, anything after that is where growth happens, I stop after doing one more then my body allows me to do. How much potential are we holding back and reserving?

Take some time and think about the limits you put on your life, and set a goal to destroy them.

Become what you dream!


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