Intermittent Fasting, Burn That Belly


I have decided to add a menu page in my Real Life blog about fitness, is a large part of my life so why not.

The reason I’m posting is because I have been on a fitness journey for many years, and although I have seen results I have never seen them like I am seeing and feeling them now.

A little background of my struggles, at my highest I was 250 lbs (113 kg) and about 35-45% body fat. I was in pain, my knees hurt, hips ached and moving very slowly. I have always been an active person however I let myself go. Today I am 194 lbs (88 kg) and feel great, just not quite done yet. I would like to be below 10% body fat.

Today my appetite is completely manageable, my stomach feels good, my sleep the last couple nights has been the best in a long time, my energy is up, my mind is as clear as after a red bull, my cravings for carbs are gone, no cravings at all actually and I have to think about eating, where before I would finish a meal and latterly count the hours until my next meal.

I really think I have found a lifestyle change that will work for me and excited to share with those who want to hear.

How to start


What do you want, weight loss, maintaining weight or weight gain (lean body mass that is) To set a goal you first need to understand your body’s limits of caloric intake to sustain life (maintenance caloric level)

Here is a link to get your maintenance caloric level.

I suggest getting the maintenance level not the fat loss level and do your own math. To lose weight cut 300-500 from the number you get (no more than 500) And I rounded everything so that it’s easy to do.

I have chosen a 16/8 fasting plan and to stop eating at 7pm or 8pm depending, and break my fast at either 11am or 12pm the next day; most of that time is sleeping.

Here are some key things I have researched and this seems to be the most common results.


No sugar, no BCAA (Leucine will break the fast by sending a signal to your brain telling it you are fed), no creamer in coffee, no (bulletproof) coffee the fats will be the main fuel source your body uses, just drink water.


Cardio only, I prefer to do my lifting/bodybuilding in a fed state.


This is for you and no one else, if something doesn’t work for you modify it. Also know that you will get out what you put in, so don’t be idiot about what you eat. Please do your own research. knowledge is part of the journey to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

I’m very excited to find something that works so well and isn’t a PAIN IN THE ASS like cutting out carbs, fats or limiting caloric intake. It has adapted seamlessly to my lifestyle and I really don’t even miss all the eating every 2 hours. The meal prep alone is worth it. Not having to worry so much about what I will eat, or even multiple meals to carry around.


Feel free to comment,

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