Let It Burn

Yup, woke up way before I wanted to, laying in bed trying to enjoy day 1 of my 10 day vacation, nope my body says get up and at least walk.

Here I am walking and writing.

This will be short, I just wanted to get out what I noticed in my weight over the last month. I have been between 196 and 194. Up and down, up and down..

my weight has always looked more like a wave than anything.

Well I noticed something strange, the day I started my IF my weight spiked to 200.5 lbs (91 kg) for no reason other than I began something.

I haven’t changed anything other than the IF, no diet change, no supplament change, no weight routine change.

It has to be my body adjusting. Well today I was shocked to see I was 192.4 (87 kg) lower than my normal dip. Here is a graph of my normal weight fluctuations and you can clearly see something is happening.

I was shocked after last night’s birthday celebration for my girlfriends daughter.

Amazing Lasagna, Crack bread and ice-cream cake.. I was sure I would have jumped due to the carb and sugar increase. Nope, I’m still dropping weight.

I can’t explain how I feel other than to say I feel like I have lived in a fog for years and now can think clearly. My body seems to be responding very well to this IF.

Oh, one more thing.

I was helping with the dishes and I swear I turned into spiderman for a second. A very large mixing bowl  (glass) slipped out of my hands and fell, I CAUGHT IT.. I caught something I dropped. Um, it seems my reflexes are very sharp, and I’m not saying it’s the IF, I’m also not sure why so much has changed. 


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