If You Want To Know About (IF) User Guide For Intermittent Fasting


Due to the questions regarding intermittent fasting, I will refer to it as (IF). It’s just easier. I have been getting messages and questions quite often so I decided to do a little who, what, when and how to share and clear up as many of the questions as possible, and to share when questions arise.

Who: Anyone, male and female, young, and old can intermittent fast. The only time I would question it is if you are pregnant, heart issues, diabetic or hypoglycemic. I have done some research that shows with increased insulin sensitivity it can help overcome the effects of hypoglycemia. PLEASE ask your healthcare provider if you have any health related issues. Otherwise if you are an average human you qualify to begin (IF)

What: IF is simply broken down eating and fasting into two sections that equal a 24 hour time period. Some plans are beginner 14/10 all the way to some highly advanced 20/4. I recommend starting at the beginning.

What this means is that during the IF days the eating and fasting are broken up Example: 14/10 would be fasting for 14 hours and eating for 10.

When: You can start anytime, end anytime and it’s as flexible as the outcome you desire. REMEMBER… Fitness and a life style change such as IF must be two things, sustainable and desired. Understanding that this is not going to work with a poor diet and it will absolutely not work over night is crucial to the success you achieve.

How: Yup, the big one!

I will use bullet points for quick access to this section and to keep me on topic.  

  1. Set a goal, a realistic goal. What do you want, lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength or become lean. They all have a different process, know what you want.
  2. When you have chosen. Look at your current lifestyle and try to imagine what a good time to stop eating and begin eating would be. I have children so it’s not going to be helpful to cook dinner and not eat. I begin my fast at about 6-7PM and begin eating at 10-11AM the next morning. Basically skipping breakfast.
  1. When you have set a time frame. Understand the rules. Fasting means no consumption of anything with a caloric count. Black coffee, water, green tea are all ok. No sugar, creamers, milk, no coconut oil or Bulletproof coffee. There has been back and forth debate about BCAA and some pre-workouts. Zero calorie drinks are ok and I use a pre-workout sometimes, mostly black coffee in the AM. Yes it sucks to drink black coffee, how badly do want what you want?
  2. To exercise or not. I work out fasted, normal cardio, normal lifting however if I go for a PR (personal record) or on heavy lifting days I do it either right before I break my fast or in the evening after I’m eating normal.
  3. What to eat. I assume you are already trying to get your diet under control, diet is everything, you CAN NOT out train a poor diet. If you eat a moderately healthy diet, eat as normal within the window you have chosen.

Got some question

What’s a good time to start? – that is completely up to your life style

Can I eat a little? – NO, no food, no caloric intake 0 cal drinks are ok.

Do I have to do it every day? – no you don’t, it’s created to sustain so think of it as a marathon not a sprint. Set up normal days here and there. Enjoy life

Can I drink alcohol? – I do, I have moderate alcohol consumption. I had a beer last night with dinner. Just know that alcohol it is double the calories of sugar

For any other question I have missed or you may have please contact me or research for yourself.


YouTube, Bodybuilding.com, Jim Stoppani, Elliot Hulse, Primal Edge Health, Athlean-X, Tarun Gill, Hodgetwins,


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