Love Like an Ocean


It is much easier to give a piece of your mind than a piece of your heart.

The mind recovers, it processes out the pain, and it hides what has been done. The heart is a different story, it tends to holds the scars, the heart takes what has been done and changes who you are. Each time we are scarred or wounded the heart can become hardened and less sensitive, it can become hidden to others, it can become inaccessible and incapable of giving love.

It can; it’s a decision to place the safety of our hearts in danger. its a choice to open the discomfort the heart holds from a love that has been lost, conversely love cannot grow without the heart.

To expect is to risk, and that risk is what love desires. We expect that if we love someone they will love us back, we expect that because we give willingly that it will be reciprocated back. Now I’m not taking about giving “to receive“, I’m talking about a natural flow of give and take.

How much have you given to others, not expecting to get anything in return and have not received less than what was needed from them.  Now think about how good it feels to give to someone and have them reciprocate. It feels much more fulfilling doesn’t it? You see I disagree with the statement “never give to receive” we are designed to give and receive. It’s okay to give and desire reciprocation but don’t expect it. If you continually give and never receive it becomes a kind of hell, trapped in a cycle of giving more than you receive and an unbalance in the relationship, bitterness and resentment tend to grow, separation, discontentment and the relationship is beginning to wither.

I say don’t expect to receive from anyone, however if you are continually giving and it is not reciprocated back the priority’s in that relationship may not be the same or are out of balance, reflect on the relationship. Maybe you are holding the relationship higher than it should be, maybe you are holding the relationship higher than yourself or maybe the other is holding the relationship lower than it should be.

Everything has a balancing point, understanding that is most essential. You cannot live without water, but too much water can kill you. Life works the same way.

“Love and kindness are never wasted, they always make a difference, they bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver”. – Barbara de Angelis

Do not expect the other to give, inspire them to want to give with the love you willingly share. Think of love like water, if it doesn’t flow its stagnant, if it flows in one direction its a river, desire love to be an ocean, with waves that give and take.


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