We Can Stand Together


Here is my disclaimer; I have never really been interested in politics. Yes, I know it’s my responsibility as an American, it just really turns me off and I struggle to keep up with any of it. I find it hard to understand, relate to and monitor, even now I struggle to comprehend what the hell is going on half the time.

Is what I hear true, what is truth these days, how can I believe anything I hear when so many people are willing to lie to get ahead in their own motives. Who said what, who did what, was it them or was it something I saw from 10 years ago on a Saturday Night Live skit.

“Your point of view sets you up well in advance
for how you view the events as they unfold”.
– Mary Anne Radmacher

So this is not a political post, its a post about humanity, what is right and what is questionable. Even if you disagree with someones opinion its okay to stand with them as a human being.

It is acceptable to be a white male and believe that black lives matter. It is acceptable to not have voted for Trump and have a friend that did….

I have been watching my entire new feed continually flooded with Trump this, trump that, Obama this and that… As crappy as it is it’s over, let his actions as president guide his failures and successes. Do you really believe that complaining is going to change a thing? The power is and has been in the wrong hands and it’s not our hands that hold the power.

I understand everyone has a difference of opinion. Even if it is regarding the same topics there will be a slight difference when you get into the details. Why is it so hard to let others have their opinion without trying to guilt or sway what they believe. What is the ultimate truth? How do we hear truth? Its pretty much nothing more than everyone’s  opinion or interpretation of the truth.

In my opinion, Trump is not a great man, not worthy of the presidency and I will explain why.

Simply looking at his actions he is not an upstanding gentleman he lacks basic morals and I question his integrity all together. Sure he can talk wonderful words, if you like to belittle people and disrespect anything that opposes his ideas. As a human I dislike and have always thought he is a disgusting man. Hell, I didn’t like him as the father of Waldo in The little Rascals movie; I just don’t think he has much to offer.

Do I wish he fails, absolutely not. Would I like to do nothing and watch as the already questionable action in the “land of power”  continues to divide an already divided country, no I do not want to see that but what can I do? I didn’t vote for him… To be honest I’m really not sure what I can do other than voice my opinion.

I’m not asking anyone to do anything other than look at this man and ask yourself without a doubt is this really the best leader in the highest position in our country and PLEASE stop creating more division. There is enough hate in this world. I personally do not like his actions, they are disrespectful, vile, and inappropriate and as a human he is not someone I would like to be around.

I’m sure this is going to upset many of the friends I have on social media, and that is not my intent. I have seen the anger, fighting, disrespect and hate continually filling my new feed and wanted to set my beliefs in place and say I don’t want any part of it.


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