Is Your Protien Spiked

I have been really focusing on learning what I put into my body and the last article I read struck me as very interesting.

Tonight I heard about “Protein Spiking” so as usual I began my research for “protein spiking”. You’ll find many companies are involved in protein spiking class action lawsuits. I have included a list that I have found that qualifies, and I actually have in my home. Here is a protein spiking list of companies that are involved in class action lawsuits that spiked their protein powders. 

Body Fortress


Inner Amour


Giant Sports


Designer Protein

Muscle Tech

Six Star 


What to look for:

Look for glycine, taurine, arginine, and creatine on the label. These are the ingredients that companies use to spike protein powders like whey protein and beef protein. If you see any of these on the label DO NOT waste your hard earned money.

Nitrogen spiking, which is also known as “amino spiking” or “protein spiking,” is a technique that allows supplement companies to put in less protein than what’s listed on the label without actually getting caught. – Jim Stoppani 

Please do your research before wasting money on garbage supplements.


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