Today is a Good day to Have A Good Day


Trying to live life in the “now” can be a struggle, not living in yesterday, not looking into tomorrow but living right now.

We meet thousands of people who don’t connect with us and then you meet that one special person, and your life is changed. Sometimes we meet people accidentally, and then they become a huge part of our life. Anyone can make you happy by doing something special but only someone special can make you happy without doing anything. These are the people we need to focus our time, energy and to show our appreciation for. I have the unplanned chance to have meet such a wonderful person and let our lives crash into one another.

Sometimes we get in our own way and we become our own obstacles. Times in our lives such as this are when its important to have the power to step back from the day to day and look at what is important, whats truly important. I struggle with getting so focused on “dreams” that I can lose track of the important things today.  This is me stepping back and looking at today.

Today I am healthy.

Today I am complete

Today I have the opportunity to give 100% to everything and everyone in my life.


What a life I have been given… I’m happy to be where I am and today I will not get in my own way and fail to see what today can offer. Love the people in your life, they are not in your life by chance or luck. I believe they are placed in our path as we learn to live our lives as help, some as friends, some as love, some will teach us lessons we would have missed without their perspectives on life, but all can be important if you allow your life  to crash with theirs.


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