How My Actions Affect My Daughters 

I’m seeing that what I do in my life impacts my daughters tremendously.
All I hear is laughing coming from their room as they play with makeup. Only God knows what they are talking about, but I’m sure it’s something off  wall knowing those two. 

Back to my point, in the beginning stages of my relationship with Jennifer we began to talk about what it would look like for us and our girls. We made a decision that no matter what they come first, and we get what’s left over as far as time. I believe it was a great choice we made as we began our relationship.

I was scared to death to meet her daughters and her to meet mine. I’m fairly certain that they like me, and I know my girls adore her. That was the first step, second was seeing how our girls get along together, all if them.

Well from the second they met they clicked like best friends that haven’t seen one another in years. I can’t imagine how tricky it would have been if anything would have not worked out so effortlessly.

We included our girls is everything and we still do. They come first, and they have since the beginning. I truly think they feel our actions to include their feelings into something so important It makes them feel important and that they matter in our lives.

It means so much to me that we have all adapted so well to each other. Yes there are times that it gets a little intense but it’s a good intensity and they all blend in so well with the family.

Our choice to be open minded and respect our daughters feelings has opened the door for a new level of love together.

I love her girls and she loves mine. My girls talk about her and her girls all the time and love to see them. I am not so sure we would have had the same results if we told them “this is how it’s going to be, deal with it”. Our choices to give our girls power in our relationship has made them feel important in our lives. 

Someone told me recently they never had a choice, their option was never valued as a child. To me that was powerful, it tells me that if I want my daughters to grow up making appropriate decisions I need to value their decision making process now.


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