Update on this Journey of Intermittent Fasting, but Can I Even Have a Drink? 

Welcome back to The War on Sugar and it’s a perfect day to discuss my fitness and intermittent fasting journey.

I am currently walking, it’s too beautiful out to be in a gym at the moment. The temperature is in the mid 80’s here in West Michigan and I feel the need to trade my gym time for a long walk.

I changed up my work-out this week and tried to hit some PR’s and to be honest my entire body hurts from the attempts to push myself.
So, how is the IF going?

Well, my weight is hovering at a consistent 186 lbs. (83 kg) for a few weeks now, and only increasing due to my random failures with my diet, well its either that or alcohol consumption, yes I drink… However I have been researching the topics regarding the consumption of alcohol and what it does to your body.

Basically, alcohol is not healthy!

However I enjoy an occasional adult beverage here and there. So there are a few rules when it comes to alcohol consumption and understanding the rules will help in your fitness lifestyle.

Drinking pauses ANY fat metabolism whatsoever. So if you drink, choose wisely.

Tips if you drink:  (best to poor choices)

Clear liquor, colored liquor, light beer, regular beer or ( craft beer) and mixed drinks should be at the bottom of the list.

Beer is high in carbs, mixed drinks as well so clear liquor is the best bang for your buck (if you drink) the best bet is to limit consumption of alcohol all together, it is a poison to your body and I enjoy a drink from time to time.

Lately I have been focusing less on the damn number on the scale and more on the reps, sets and weight I’m lifting. I would rather be strong and healthy than look good with my shirt off. Although that is pretty appealing to me as beach time is approaching quickly here in the mitten.

I am worrying less about the look and more about the function, partly because the last little stubborn belly fat is holding on for dear life and keeping my 6 pack cozy under a nice thin layer of subcutaneous fat and I really don’t feel like fighting to get rid of it.

I am choosing to enjoy living and eating far too much to sacrifice the caloric reduction it will take to lose it.

Life is far too short to worry so much about the little things that only matter to you. No one cares that I have a 4 pack not a 6 and who wants to date someone that always has to complain and be picky with food. I’m sure my girlfriend would agree.

Yes it’s nice to be health conscious and desire to eat healthy (and we both do) but to be a freak that can’t eat “normal” food is not appealing.

So learn to have fun with dieting and fitness. You are far more likely to maintain and partake in something that is fun and that you enjoy doing.

This is why most diets fail; They are not fun and limit far too much. Dieting can be hard to maintain over a long period of time and it slowly drains the fun out of life. I’m 36 now, I began “dieting” in my late 20’s. Failure after failure of fad diets helped me never following through with any of them. I have found something that works, and works very well for me. The best part is it fits into my life not my life fitting into a diet.

Small changes over a long period of time is the best way to enter into anything regarding fitness.

“Imagine if you had a switch that could balance your metabolism and do a deep cleanse without the use of expensive fan dangled detox kits? Your body is designed to do so by using a genius mechanism known as autophagy. Celebrities have discovered that intermittent fasting, or autophagy,  is one of the best techniques used to turn on this anti-aging reboot switch”.- Longevitylive.com

Here is an article and list of celebrities that also have used Intermittent Fasting to reach their goals for movies.


The list includes: Miranda Ker, Liv Tyle, Christy Turlington, Ben Affleck, Beyoncé, Hugh Jackman, and last buy surly not least Duane “the rock” Johnson.

I’m not trying to pressure anyone into anything and I sure as hell do not get paid for this. I just know how long I struggled with my weight and never being able to find something that worked that I could maintain almost effortlessly.

Please read about Intermittent Fasting for yourself and follow me on Real Life (the war on sugar) to read more about what I learn as I navigate my own fitness successes and failures.


Feel free to comment,

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