Build Others Up With Words Of Encouragement


I really wanted to pour my heart into this and let my readers know a few things about me. I am sure I’m not alone in some of the feelings in this and hope you will understand.

I want you to understand something; calling a skinny person skinny is just as bad as calling a fat person fat!

No I am not fat, technically I am overweight (its true) and due to my height and that I flex and suck it in if I am around people I look more “in shape” than I am. Yes, you read that right; I hold my abs and chest tight if I am around people. All day if need be! I have done it for so long I don’t even think about it. One good outcome is I have a great six-Pac under a little fat just waiting to be seen and my core is very strong.

Why would you do that Scott” Well, it’s because I am not fully happy with my belly fat and my current look. I am what you can call skinny fat. (That is a real thing as well)

Telling someone “you need to eat” when they are a skinny person is the exact same thing as saying you “you can skip a meal” to an overweight person. So it’s just best to not say anything and just learn to support people in the goals they have.

Sting bean, skinny red, you need to eat a cheeseburger, doesn’t your mom feed you, I better put a brick on your head so you gain some weight. These were just a few of the things I heard growing up and I HATED it. To this day I do not like my skinny legs and arms.

Yes this is kind of a rant, but it’s frustrating to do hundreds of hours of research and years of trial and error to modify my goals to have someone that has not researched give me advice or call me crazy for trying to do something about a part of my life the (I) am not happy with.

Please, PLEASE do your own research.

I really want to inspire other and show them that if you are unhappy with a part of your life that you are only a couple of steps away from changing it; all you have to do is start and want to change.

This is my journey and your words can inspire or discourage, they can motivate or destroy all motivation. I am not looking for a health coach; I’m learning how I learn best, by trial and error, failure and success and research. I have never been one to follow the crowd or just to take your word for it; I want to see for myself, i desire to understand why. Yes I was that kid, “but why” was and is one of my favorite questions.

For all that support me thank you SO much and for those who have an opinion (especially if you do not work out and diet) please just support myself and others with words of inspiration and motivation.

We are all on our own journey; learn to embrace the differences we have and accept that we all have something about our lives that we do not like.


Feel free to comment,

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