If you’re not prepared to be successful you’re allowing yourself room to fail

Well, the test results are in. 

About 2 weeks ago I started a test to see how my body responds to things like carbs, fats and sugar (also carbs). 

4 weeks ago I began to lower my carb intake to about 30g a day, into what’s called a ketogenic diet (moderate Protien, high fats and very low carbs)

My body loved it!!

I had more energy, less lethargic morning feeling (even without coffee) most importantly it is how I like to eat. 

At the end of 3 weeks I hit a Plateau with my weight loss so I did a little more research to see what others did in that situation.

A 48 hour water fast was recommended so from 8pm Sunday until 8pm on Tuesday I water fasted. (Nothing but water, coffee and tea for 48 hours)

The results were amazing

I dropped water weight and belly fat very quickly and reached the 170s. 

I also felt amazing, with one exception; my body needed food. Everything I have read said “most importantly, listen to your body“. 

Mentality, I could have went another 24 hours, but my muscles were hungry. 

The last 3 days I have went back to a healthy diet (without monitoring my carb intake whatsoever) and I’m back up to 186 lbs (83 kg) so I’m shocking my body with a quick 24 hour fast and incorporating the ketogenic diet back into my life. 

So far I have learned that I eat too many carbs for the amount of activity I do. 

A proud moment yesterday 

Yesterday Jen and I spent the day in South Haven and for the first time in quite a few years I didn’t feel insecure with my shirt off. To me that is one of the reasons I want to continue this journey with fitness. Sure call it vanity, but are you secure in your skin and in a bathing suit? 

If not, you are the only one that can change that. 

As for me, I want a long healthy life. No nothing I do will guarantee I won’t end up with cancer or any of the other life threatening diseases out there. However if and when I do, I want the strength and mental ability to fight like I have been fighting for my fitness.


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