We All Have That One Person That We Will Always Remember


I had a dream as a child, I really wanted to become an actor, and I absolutely love comedy and people. My dreams were not always appreciated by others. I spent a lot of time in detention; standing in the hallway away from the class, in the back of the room and on many occasions had been suspended and seen as a rebel. On the flip side, I did have a few people that saw through the pain in my life that I covered by being funny, and I will never forget them.  Those few people made it possible for a child like me to have felt the love of an adult that was not my family and to have just enough confidence to get up after falling over and over.

Over the last couple of weeks as the temperatures change, and the rain begins to come and will eventually turn to snow here in Michigan my mood naturally changes with the season. I am truly a child of the sun and a lover of warm weather and to feel the sun on my face. Like every year at about this time I begin to withdraw from everything, a slight struggle to be motivated sets in, including the things that feed my soul.

In my life I have this burning desire to be more than I am today, not that I’m not content with what I have of where my life has led me. I just want more, I feel a calling for more and constantly tell myself “you are ok where you are” and just go on about my life. However there are times when the passion begins to burn for more out of life.

I have no doubt that if my life were a little different I could make something for myself in acting or with comedy. One thing that I have always felt is that I have no problem with the fact that I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I have no reservations about being in the spotlight and I do not fear my life being an open book. Deep in my heart I truly feel that through our struggles we can help someone overcome an obstacle they are facing and even give hope by showing them that we have been through something and lived to talk about it.

“Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed
to sell your parrot to the town gossip”.
– Will Rogers

I am not ashamed of anything in my life, sure there are a few things I could have done differently but I needed to learn things exactly like I did. I have always needed to be the boy who touched the pipe that said “Caution Hot” just to see how hot it was. I always learn the best lessons when it’s the hard way and I have accepted the fact that through my struggles in life I always come out on top; I always learn something and overcome.

So my acting career has come to an end, I had a good run for the 12 years of school and I know for a fact that if you were to mention my name to ANY of my teachers without a doubt they would remember me . I also know that you would get a very large array of what they remember about me, but they definitely will remember the name Scott Jenkins, to me that is what’s important, that I can make a mark in the lives that I touch and that people are somehow changed by simply interacting with me.


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