Time To Try Something New


Some changes are so small you hardly notice them, day after day the small changes almost seem irrelevant to our lives, until the day the small things add up to the life changes that whispers to our heart “you know, nothing will ever be the same after this one”.

I use to live in fear of change, just keep it the same and nothing bad will happen. Day after day, living as if nothing can change that will make anything better. It’s strange how losing things can give you more and how sometimes we fail to see it as the best part of living. One day I will be too old and frail to make the big changes in life, and if I live life fearful of changes all I will have later is regret for not embracing the changes I wish I would have in my youth. Regret is a very hard pill to swallow.

I have said 2018 is going to be a great year, but I didn’t see this coming so quickly. Soon I will have join lives with 3 more girls, making our guy/girl ratio 5 to 1, well 6 to 1 if you count the dog, and the fish is even a girl i’m pretty sure.

Most men would cringe at the thought of having 4 girls, two at 13, one 15 and one 17 in the same house, but I couldn’t be more excited at the challenge and to be a part of the lives of some pretty great girls. This experience is nothing less than amazing when you think of the relationship we all have.

Imagine having a beer with your fiancees ex-husband, well its something I truly enjoy and look forward to when we get together at games and the girls events. Its an honor that I have his blessing to stand with him in the lives of his daughters. I know it takes a special man to hold that privilege. Now that is living, that is love and that is the example we want for our girls. I don’t care what you have done or who you are to me, respect me and my girls and I’ll respect you.

We are all human, we all fall down, its how you get back up and move on with a smile that sets us apart.

I have to be realistic, I know there will be some days I might want to buy a one way ticket to anywhere but here, however, it’s an honor to have the life I have. What a blessing to be where I am and with the people I have the opportunity to write more pages in the book of Scott.

I never thought I would leave Portage, but now I’m excited to try something new and open another chapter in life. I’m not sure what I’ll name this chapter but I’m sure its going to be full of many more Real Life posts. For now live full, love deep and let life come as it is.. Cheers to the next chapter.


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