There is always a price to pay

Many of our children do not know what it’s like to build forts, play in the dirt, or catch frogs, but I bet they can take better selfies than you.

Social media is not a replacement for real life, it is a platform to expand and project our thoughts and ideas to a much larger area, and should be used to learn, teach and relate to others.

Sadly, it has become a replacement for real communication, sitting down and talking, fighting fair, and learning how to navigate an argument.

Over the last few years I have witnessed so many things that confuse me and concern me about the Social aspect of our children.

The interactions on Apps like
Snapchat and TikTok are not only allowing our children to become someone they are not, its leading them to believe that this “fake personIS who they really are.

I have witnessed a “social media fight” and it gets just as brutal and hurtful as a real fight, only there are no winners or losers, and it just continues on and on until one of them is blocked…

What has that resolved? Absolutely nothing!

The blocker has been given unrealistic power and the blocked has been shut out, never resolving anything. I do not condone violence by any means, unless it’s necessary, and unfortunately sometimes it is.

No, I’m not taking about shooting up a school, I’m taking about a punch in the mouth and some bumps and bruises.

I remember when I was bullied in school, my father reached out to the principal for help, and a warning that if this persists he is not responsible for what action I was going to take.

You see, a fight was an option and let me tell you what it did for me.

It was 8th grade and I was new to Portage, tall, pale skin, red hair with freckles; A perfect target to be picked on.

I haven’t established a group of friends at this point, but I had a group of friends that didn’t accept a new kid in the school. So, every day in the hall on the way to and from class I would get pushed into the lockers. I didn’t need a
safe room, I didn’t plan to shoot up the school, but I did let it build, I did talk to my dad and met with the principal.

After a few more weeks with no change I had enough, he pushed me one last time into the lockers and I snapped, and the fists began to fly; I think my rage helped fuel my success because he was about 70 lbs. heavier than me and an inch taller.
I got a few amazing shots in and so did he… but I gained something more valuable than anything, I gained his respect.

He never messed with me again, and neither did any of his friends. I had a group of friends by the end of the week for being the new kid that stood up to the big kid in the school.

We are allowing our children to be soft, hide behind fake walls and drastically reducing their social skills. I am not saying take the phone, I’m saying they are a tool of technology, not a way to create a life. I fear what the next generation
will deal with if we do not step in a little and create some balance.

You do not get to decide to pay a price or not in life. You only get to decide what price you will pay based on what actions you decided to take. There is always a price“.


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