Convincing Our Minds We Are Capable


It’s time for another War on Sugar post (IF) update, and this time I bring to you some science proving my lifestyle change has improved my health. I recently had a physical by my Doctor and also some Lab/ blood-work checkups due to being Hypothyroid.

I know from previous labs that quite a few numbers were “off” so to speak. Not terrible but not even in the “acceptable range”.

I received my results yesterday and all my numbers were either better than or in the high average range, proof that my Intermittent Fasting lifestyle is paying off. It has also been over a year since he has seen me, actually closer to two years. First thing he said was “wow, you look great” always a nice thing to hear from a doctor. After we had our “how is life” chat we began to talk about my fitness, I had questions regarding my (IF) and Hypothyroidism.

His exact words were “whatever you are doing, do not stop” YES, I have reached a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain and not even think about.

My weight is a steady 185 lbs. (84 kg) and I have visible abs. I’m no longer in the range of overweight and slowly approaching my goal of 10-15% body-fat.

I feel better than I ever have, stronger, faster and far more energy and I’ll be 37 this year. This is including my best shape in my late teen years. That without the proof in the blood-work is enough to want to tell everyone YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

One of the biggest lies ever is that a healthy lifestyle is not for everyone. We are all human, yes genetics plays a part in the results, but your lifestyle WILL overcome if you excerpt the effort to change. You are not alone, find a friend, get to the gym, get up, get out.. Whatever it takes be willing to do it, and most importantly DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

Setbacks are a Part of Life


The War on Sugar never ends..

This has been a not so great week, lots of stress at home and work, I haven’t been eating right at all. In fact I have spent the entire week eating wrong. One thing I have been doing, well the only thing I have been doing is staying consistent on my Intermittent Fasting schedule. My workouts have been nonexistent, my Macros have been a disaster and my stress level has been way up but I’m still losing weight.

Stress increases Cortisol levels which can by itself destroy any fitness goals you have. I have felt it this week and hope to jump back on the fitness train Saturday or as I jokingly call it the “gain train”.

In the back of my mind I fear my weight loss may be a little muscle loss but I’m lying to myself and saying it’s just water weight or fat loss. My apologies for this not so positive post but this is Real Life, failures happen, slips will be a part of our fitness journey. For today that’s all I have, I’m getting back up and trying again. Failing isn’t the opposite of success, it is a part of success. All success is, is the ability to overcome failure while reaching your goals.

Focus On How Far You Have Come, Not How Far You Have To Go

Welcome back to the fitness Mr. Jenkins I see you have been away for a while.

I have been out of the gym for a week resting my body (I’ll call it that but honestly I have been lazy).

While I was “resting” I have noticed a few things durring this time off. I am much stronger when I return back after I take a little time away. What this tells me is I do not allow for a proper rest period in my fitness.

As for my IF (intermittent fasting) I am still utilizing IF over 80% of the time and it has become second nature in my life to simply not eat from 6,7 or 8 pm to 10, 11 or noon the next day. I have adapted very well to this lifestyle and am currently about 186 lbs (83 kg) and feeling great.

My strength is consistently increasing and my body is continually gaining mass. However there are a few things I have found.

1) Salt intake – when I eat foods very high in salt I get VERY bloated and feel suboptimal, it also decreases my desire to lift and go to the gym because I feel blah, and bloated.

2) Water intake – DRINK WATER.. I drink about a gallon a day on most days and the days I don’t I usually can expect a sluggish feeling followed by a headache and increased desire to graze or eat.

3) Macros – learn to count your macros.. in the beginning you will lose weight quickly depending on how much you have to lose in the first place. You will hit a plateau in your weight loss (this is where I am today) I am learning to count my Macros, Just in case you ask what is a Macro?

A Macro is a breakdown of the basic foods fat, Carbs and Protein.

For example:

Fat has 9 calories per gram

Protein and Carbs have 4 calories per gram

Find your caloric intake (free online calculator) and begin to calculate your daily maintenance level, gain and cut levels as well.

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, so please don’t copy a Macro off the Internet. If you are serious about your fitness this is the foundation of everything. Learn to read and communicate with your body.

This takes time, learn how to adapt this to your life not change your life to adapt to your “diet”. That is why diets fail, sustainability is the absolute key to your fitness. If it’s too much work you won’t do it for long enough to see results, or worse you will see results and fall back into old habits and may end up worse than before.

I hope your fitness journey is successful and please feel free to email, comment or contact me for more information.

Yes, Today I eat Healthy..Wait, I smell Pizza



Hello Real Life War on Sugar, it’s time for a fitness update.

I am still keeping a fairly consistent 80%-90% of the time IF schedule and continuing my cardio/workout routine. I have noticed a few things that are worth talking about.

Weight  – I weigh myself fasted daily as soon as I get up just to see the results over time and I have been 187 lbs.(85 kg) for some time now and no longer use the weight for anything other than charting. I use the best tool I have found, the mirror and set my desire to see less fat in areas over time. One thing I wish I would have done is more measurements of my body just to see the actual number of the changes I see.

Strength – I have gained considerable strength over the last month or so. I have increased both my reps and set on a weekly basis and can now push to squeeze a little more out of every workout. I have also learned that there are certain areas on our body’s that will naturally (or genetically) take over, adapt and grow quicker than some of the others. These areas are the areas they seem to be ones I work out the least by choice, trying to focus on the areas that are not growing as quickly. For instance my biceps are growing very quickly as well as my Lats, my calves and Traps on the other hand are not. So I set my workouts to focus more on the weak areas.

Diet – Grrrr, diet is everything and I love food! I enjoy a drink from time to time too and this is why I will not have a visible 6 Pack by beach day. I have a nice 4 but the bottom 2 are a pain and just is not quite here and this is the trade-off for loving food.  The struggle is real with the diet.


I’m still heading in the right direction and still believe in (IF) Intermittent Fasting, so the War on Sugar continues or I should say the War on my diet continues. For me the battle is in the kitchen and not so much with sugar. My progress has very little to do with the actual gym, workouts I do or don’t do or the weight I lift, my nutrition choices are my struggle.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” ― Tony Robbins

This can be related to almost any topic in life.From relationships to fitness when you want to change more than you want to stay the same, you will change. The effort and desire is completely a choice.

Everything is a Choice


Every action in life has an equal reaction, every choice (good or bad) has a consequence. Even something as simple as diet and exercise can change the outcome of your life.

I found my routine, find what works for you but be honest about a few things.

  1. can you sustain it for a long period of time (not eating to lose weight)
  2. does it truly inspire healthy living (taking medications to lose weight)
  3. learn to incorporate it into the life YOU want (if  YOU want to change you will)

I found something that finally fits my lifestyle, promotes muscle growth and a huge increase in fat loss and encourages healthy living for the future and the best part is its easy enough anyone can do it.

Monday- Friday my (minimum) IF (intermittent fasting) of 16/8 and Saturday and Sunday off but I try to get at least a 12/12 IF split in.

I have pretty much been eating exactly the same foods as before I began my IF up until the last 2 weeks, and this is where I noticed the biggest difference, once again proving it’s mostly diet that impacts our results.

Last week, I got into a perfect routine, I meal prepped on Sunday (Chicken, rice and Broccoli) for lunch (11AM fast Break Meal) for all 5 days, also eating healthy snacks throughout the day to help maintain the normal hunger feelings and a healthy dinner with my girls.

No skipping meals, hitting about 2500-3000 calories, eating minimal fast-food and portion moderation what I did eat, nothing a normal working person couldn’t do. I did eat very much a normal diet over the weekend including eggs, toast and a ton of bacon with all of the girls, you have to live too.

I totally expected to have a little weight gain this morning due to the high amounts of salt, carbs, fats and sugars. Nope, still on a steady decline of about 1-2 lbs. a week weighing in at 187.8 lbs. (85 kg) my new average weight is remaining in the high 180’s.

Now that I have my IF in order, it’s almost second nature and minimal effort; I have been looking into Carb cycling for my meals. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to get into this so I won’t talk much about it yet. I’m not in a hurry to reach a goal, just good overall health.

So this week I’m weighing the pros and cons of Carb cycling and seeing how much time and effort it takes.

At the age of 36 I’m stronger, faster and in better shape than my early 20’s. That feels good to know I have a system down that will help staying strong and healthy as I approach my 40’s. I’m beginning to think of life as debt, if you stay on top of payments, do not use more than you have and maintain a good “credit score” health should become a normal routine in living.

real life center.jpg

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living”. – Gail Sheehy

I don’t want to get too far into unhealthy living that it takes a “health scare” to get me back on track. I want to grow old with my girls, enjoy grandchildren one day and have the stamina and desire to actually have a fun time with all of them as opposed to being the grandpa that has the “come sit on my lap” attitude, because I’m too tired or out of shape to do anything else.What I’m doing today is making a choice that will affect my future permanently.

Is Your Protien Spiked

I have been really focusing on learning what I put into my body and the last article I read struck me as very interesting.

Tonight I heard about “Protein Spiking” so as usual I began my research for “protein spiking”. You’ll find many companies are involved in protein spiking class action lawsuits. I have included a list that I have found that qualifies, and I actually have in my home. Here is a protein spiking list of companies that are involved in class action lawsuits that spiked their protein powders. 

Body Fortress


Inner Amour


Giant Sports


Designer Protein

Muscle Tech

Six Star 


What to look for:

Look for glycine, taurine, arginine, and creatine on the label. These are the ingredients that companies use to spike protein powders like whey protein and beef protein. If you see any of these on the label DO NOT waste your hard earned money.

Nitrogen spiking, which is also known as “amino spiking” or “protein spiking,” is a technique that allows supplement companies to put in less protein than what’s listed on the label without actually getting caught. – Jim Stoppani 

Please do your research before wasting money on garbage supplements.

If You Want To Know About (IF) User Guide For Intermittent Fasting


Due to the questions regarding intermittent fasting, I will refer to it as (IF). It’s just easier. I have been getting messages and questions quite often so I decided to do a little who, what, when and how to share and clear up as many of the questions as possible, and to share when questions arise.

Who: Anyone, male and female, young, and old can intermittent fast. The only time I would question it is if you are pregnant, heart issues, diabetic or hypoglycemic. I have done some research that shows with increased insulin sensitivity it can help overcome the effects of hypoglycemia. PLEASE ask your healthcare provider if you have any health related issues. Otherwise if you are an average human you qualify to begin (IF)

What: IF is simply broken down eating and fasting into two sections that equal a 24 hour time period. Some plans are beginner 14/10 all the way to some highly advanced 20/4. I recommend starting at the beginning.

What this means is that during the IF days the eating and fasting are broken up Example: 14/10 would be fasting for 14 hours and eating for 10.

When: You can start anytime, end anytime and it’s as flexible as the outcome you desire. REMEMBER… Fitness and a life style change such as IF must be two things, sustainable and desired. Understanding that this is not going to work with a poor diet and it will absolutely not work over night is crucial to the success you achieve.

How: Yup, the big one!

I will use bullet points for quick access to this section and to keep me on topic.  

  1. Set a goal, a realistic goal. What do you want, lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength or become lean. They all have a different process, know what you want.
  2. When you have chosen. Look at your current lifestyle and try to imagine what a good time to stop eating and begin eating would be. I have children so it’s not going to be helpful to cook dinner and not eat. I begin my fast at about 6-7PM and begin eating at 10-11AM the next morning. Basically skipping breakfast.
  1. When you have set a time frame. Understand the rules. Fasting means no consumption of anything with a caloric count. Black coffee, water, green tea are all ok. No sugar, creamers, milk, no coconut oil or Bulletproof coffee. There has been back and forth debate about BCAA and some pre-workouts. Zero calorie drinks are ok and I use a pre-workout sometimes, mostly black coffee in the AM. Yes it sucks to drink black coffee, how badly do want what you want?
  2. To exercise or not. I work out fasted, normal cardio, normal lifting however if I go for a PR (personal record) or on heavy lifting days I do it either right before I break my fast or in the evening after I’m eating normal.
  3. What to eat. I assume you are already trying to get your diet under control, diet is everything, you CAN NOT out train a poor diet. If you eat a moderately healthy diet, eat as normal within the window you have chosen.

Got some question

What’s a good time to start? – that is completely up to your life style

Can I eat a little? – NO, no food, no caloric intake 0 cal drinks are ok.

Do I have to do it every day? – no you don’t, it’s created to sustain so think of it as a marathon not a sprint. Set up normal days here and there. Enjoy life

Can I drink alcohol? – I do, I have moderate alcohol consumption. I had a beer last night with dinner. Just know that alcohol it is double the calories of sugar

For any other question I have missed or you may have please contact me or research for yourself.


YouTube,, Jim Stoppani, Elliot Hulse, Primal Edge Health, Athlean-X, Tarun Gill, Hodgetwins,

What is This (IF) Thing…


Due to the questions on Social Media I felt it was only appropriate to also share in Real Life under my (War on Sugar) topic.

The basics idea behind intermittent fasting (IF)

Society (food industry mostly it’s a money maker you know) has us believing a few things that are not exactly helping weight loss and the maintenance of our weight. It seems money is more important than our health these days.

Here are a few things we believe to be true

3 square meals a day, breakfast is the most important, why not try many little meals a day (5-8), snacking here and there to stay away from “starvation mode” and literally 100s of other ideas that may not be working. I’m not saying this is going to fix anything, however for me its working.

We this never lets our body fully digest and process the food before shoving more food in creating a high blood glycogen level and using our food as fuel.

Our body is not designed to use food “glycogen” as fuel. It’s designed to run off of fat and LOVES to use fat as fuel actually. When you eat it fuels your body, the unused “food” then gets stored as fuel for later usually as more fat, and so on and so on this fat (visceral fat) can be called the “spill over affect” and that’s why we are fat! We eat too much food all day and are not able to utilize it properly so it gets stored.

Think about this, back in the day before we had 24/7 food availability and became grazer eaters, eating anytime we wanted we hunted and gathered food. There was no obesity and many other weight related issues.

Basically here’s the idea.

It’s called an eating window and fasting window and there are many ways and times you can choose, it’s really whatever you want. Some of the plans are 16/8, 18/6, 20/4 or any other time that fits into a 24 hour window. It’s really up to you and is 100% flexible.

Here is what I do!

I stop eating at 7PM every night (sometimes 5 or 6 depending on how hungry I am) and I don’t eat until 11AM or (16ish hours from time I stopped eating) this is my fasting window. I eat normal from 11am – 7PM but I do eat fairly healthy, YES, heck yes I love food.



I do drink alcohol from time to time, I also eat fast food sometimes, and I’m still human! To be  honest I’m really not hungry most of the time now that my body has adjusted.

No special diet, but the difference is my body has a time of rest from food and that lets my body recover and reset its food digestion process, after 6-8 hours of fasting my body (and yours) switches over to burn stored fat as its fuel source.

This lets my body almost reach a Ketogenic (running off fat not stored food) and it starts to burn my fat not use my food as fuel.

I started about 2 weeks ago, skipping here and there also went on vacation and, well let’s say I indulged in living and I am losing weight at a good rate.

I began at 197 lbs. (89 kg) at the beginning of the year and I’m 190 lbs. (86 kg) today and I am beginning to see visible abs. I do lift, I do fasted cardio and my strength and muscle gains are not affected. My body is responding to this VERY well.

I really believe this is a miracle lifestyle and there is no limit to the length of time someone can (IF), I know people that have done it for years.

There are some rules…

During your fast, no food, no creamers in coffee or tea (black coffee or tea), zero calorie drinks are ok, NO SUGAR!!! Water, lots of water, no “Bulletproof” coffee, WATER is the best! There are some controversy on BCAA (branch chain amino acids) so I try to stay away from them but I do take my zero calorie Pre-Workout.

I know this is long.. I’m a little excited about this! I have been struggling for YEARS, diet after diet nothing worked, well this is working and is SO easy!

Please YouTube Intermittent Fasting (IF) and watch videos, contact me or read about it. don’t take my word for it, do your own research. I’m no expert, I only know how well its working for me.

A Helping Hand


Well, welcome back to Real Life and back from an amazing trip to Puerto Rico celebrating a birthday and wedding. What an amazing and emotional time.

During my vacation I did not count calories, watch what I ate or continue with my (IF) at all. I did consume quite a large amount of alcohol compared to my normal weekly consumption. The day I left I weighed in at 193.8 lbs (87 kg) and after all the lovely food, alcohol and not paying attention at all to what I put in my body I returned weighing in at 195.3 lbs (88 kg) that’s an increase of 1.5 lbs in 5 days, that is proof of  the great time I had.

I began my (IF) the day after I returned (Jan 9th) and am weighing in at 191.6 (86 kg) in just 3 days, not changing much at all in my diet and moderate cardio (fasted).

My fitness journey has reached a point that it fits and complements the lifestyle I want, very easy…

“If you are healthy, support those who are sick.
If you have a job, support those who have lost theirs.
If you are strong, support those who are feeble of body or mind.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie”.

I want to inspire and help my circle; I’m not about being better than anyone or pressure anyone into doing anything other than living a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to live as long as I can and have the opportunity to enjoy my girls and one day grandchildren as long as possible. After years of trying this and that I found the secret weapon that is working for me.

Its about time to live a happy life, and see every day as blessing to have the opportunity to wake up. For so long I dreaded everything, looking forward to the weekend only to sit around and dread the upcoming Monday. I did not have much in my life to look forward to so to speak. I felt bad about myself, feeling like a failure and incapable of even controlling my own life and fitness.

Let It Burn

Yup, woke up way before I wanted to, laying in bed trying to enjoy day 1 of my 10 day vacation, nope my body says get up and at least walk.

Here I am walking and writing.

This will be short, I just wanted to get out what I noticed in my weight over the last month. I have been between 196 and 194. Up and down, up and down..

my weight has always looked more like a wave than anything.

Well I noticed something strange, the day I started my IF my weight spiked to 200.5 lbs (91 kg) for no reason other than I began something.

I haven’t changed anything other than the IF, no diet change, no supplament change, no weight routine change.

It has to be my body adjusting. Well today I was shocked to see I was 192.4 (87 kg) lower than my normal dip. Here is a graph of my normal weight fluctuations and you can clearly see something is happening.

I was shocked after last night’s birthday celebration for my girlfriends daughter.

Amazing Lasagna, Crack bread and ice-cream cake.. I was sure I would have jumped due to the carb and sugar increase. Nope, I’m still dropping weight.

I can’t explain how I feel other than to say I feel like I have lived in a fog for years and now can think clearly. My body seems to be responding very well to this IF.

Oh, one more thing.

I was helping with the dishes and I swear I turned into spiderman for a second. A very large mixing bowl  (glass) slipped out of my hands and fell, I CAUGHT IT.. I caught something I dropped. Um, it seems my reflexes are very sharp, and I’m not saying it’s the IF, I’m also not sure why so much has changed.