Welcome to Real Life my Vlog

Call me crazy.. right now I feel like I am.

Laying in bed, its 3 am and my mind says “get up, we are making a vlog tomorrow” you have work to do…

I’m on fire inside, I burn to interact with people. I truly TRULY want to be on T.V. and no, not to be rich, I just love it, and always have.

I wanted to be a movie star, and with today’s technology and social media feeding frenzy, what the hell am I waiting for. And no SPELLCHECK… ha, that’s not even funny.

So here I am, 3am Sunday morning March 31, 2019 and I’m given you a written introduction to Real Life (the vlog)

Laying in bed it hit me, I’m a technical hypocrite..

I have so much shit I want to say and things I like to talk about and where do I go for my content?

I sure as hell don’t read, I head to YouTube, and listen to podcasts.

So please Subscribe, hit the bell for notifications and I hope you join me on this next journey.

I’ll give you my vlog introduction tomorrow.

Love you all and I’m excited to give you my written words soon fed to your ears..

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A New Year to Set a REAL Resolution


With the “New Year resolution” right around the corner, I just wanted to shed a little light on the number one topic of the new year, “getting healthy”.

Everyone wants to get healthy, but most have no idea what that even means.

So, they rush out to get a gym membership, start eating more salads, maybe some fruit, cutting out all the snacking and start a huge calorie restricted diet.

They get to the gym and jog for 20 min, break a little sweat, maybe lift a few weights and head home.

After 2 months of not seeing much change, they fall back into the easy lifestyle they had little by little. A snack here, a snack there and soon enough the gym becomes less and less a priority.

If this sounds familiar it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

What if I told you it’s due to the fitness and a healthy living society being full of miss-information and people that are in it for the money, not a true desire to help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

There is NO DIET that fits everyone.

The way you eat is 100% up to your lifestyle, genetic makeup, and goals. But it is also a part of learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Sleep, mental health, and stress are just as important as what you eat.

I have created a step by step guide to help set a goal that you can reach…

  • BEFORE you change anything, download a MACRO tracking app (example below)
    • MyFitnessPal
    • MyPlate
  • Use a Calorie Calculator to locate you “MAINTENANCE LEVEL” calories
  • Set your goal
    • Weight loss (get lean)
    • Muscle gain (Bodybuilding)
    • Strength training (Powerlifting)
    • Cardiovascular improvement (running a marathon)
  • Assess your current lifestyle and see what you can give up and when you can give time to dedicate 30-60 min a day CONSISTENTLY.
    • What are you willing to do?
    • When will you be able to do it without changing your entire life
  • Once you have set the foundation of your goal, the way of eating can begin.
    • What way of eating is best for you?
    • What should you do at the gym?

And this is where the work begins….

Feel free to email reallifewaronsugar@gmail.com and we can begin to narrow down YOUR needs.

How I Healed Myself


What if there was a way to solve all our health issues at the source rather than taking a pill to mask the symptoms with side effects…

There is a way, with the food we eat, the energy we use and the lifestyle we live.

I don’t want to preach, I want you all to look for yourself, try things and learn what is best for your lifestyle. We only get one life, do you want to live it sick and dependent on big Pharma to provide what you need or would you rather learn about what to eat, how to live and sustain your own lives.

True story about my life..

In the early 2000’s I found out I have Hashimoto disease after I reached a total weight of 250 lbs. I had NO energy and really felt like crap. I have struggled with my Hypo-Thyroid issues ever since. 2 years ago I found a life hack that allowed my body to balance out my hormones, and although the damage from Hashimoto has already been done, I can now take a lower dose of Synthroid and all the other numbers such as Cholesterol, (LDL and HDL,) Testosterone, and my fasting Glucose level are not only in a normal range I’m in an athletic mid 20-year-old range at the age of 38 years old.

My Dr. said, “I do not know what you are doing but you haven’t been this healthy since I have known you”… That said more than enough for me, and the journey I was already on really took off.

I began to heal my body from the inside, not add pills to my lifestyle. I did my research, I read 100’s of articles, watched 1000’s of videos and began to sort through the junk. Most of it came to the basic conclusion.

Carbohydrates are truly not a needed MACRO, The food pyramid is wrong, totally wrong and is extremely outdated. It is based on the Americanized Western diet to help the food industry sell our American top crop, Corn. Why teach people that they hold the power to heal themselves when the local economy would suffer tremendously.

I’m not into conspiracy theories, however, think about this..

We all begin to heal ourselves, all the sudden we cut back on the carbohydrates we eat, inflammation begins to be reduced, we can get off all the pills that mask the symptoms of an unhealthy diet, the insulin epidemic begins to decline, and big pharma has no reason to sell pills or drugs… We win, and they lose $100’s of thousands a year as well as the food industry.

I am not pretending I know everything, I only know what has changed my life and I would love to share it with anyone that is on the same path I was when I was sick.

I feel better than I ever have, I’m stronger, faster, and more muscular than I have ever been. My skin, hair, and nails are healthy. My thyroid levels are perfectly in the balance as well as all the rest of my “test numbers”.


I have begun the long process of healing my body from the inside and would LOVE to share this information with the world.

You’re Not Tired, You’re Uninspired


This morning before my meeting I was having a very typical “get back into the gym talk” with a friend of mine. We were discussing how hard it can be to stick with the gym and in most cases anything that at one point you may have been on fire about.

For me it always becomes harder and harder to stick with my fitness and my goals when school starts back up and the cool temperatures begin to set in. Its much easier when you see people at the beach, feel the heat outside, and the sun on your face to be more health conscious.

He said “well, today is motivational Monday, and today’s motivational quote really inspired me to get back into the gym”.

“you’re not tired, you’re uninspired”… that it hit me, and he is exactly right.

All summer I see other men and compare myself to them and say to myself “see, that is a great physique” and it gives me a little motivation to get back into the gym. I watch more YouTube videos of healthy living, fitness and lifting when I feel inspired to reach my goals. When all the stress of life sets in I slowly drift from “My goals” to trying to manage everyone else life and after school activities. Eventually completely forgetting that healthy living, and fitness is just as important as eating and sleeping.

I hope this inspires you or at lease reminds you of what once was important is not any less important because other peoples lives are busy. Remember to keep your eyes on what you need to live a healthy life. Sleep, proper nutrition, and exercise is essential for healthy living. Find your inspiration again, whether its someone you know, someone on the internet, a movie star, or any of the thousands of people we see on TV. Let that spark your interest to become motivated again. Take a little time to look again, remember what you wanted when the fire was burning so intensely.

If you feel you “gave up”, don’t think of it as a failure, think of it as a break, and get back into it and start again.

Today is Monday, the beginning of a new week, a new day for you to say “it’s a good day to start again”, because you’re not tired, you’re uninspired.

In the words of Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson… “FOCUS”

The Search, Healthy living Continues – Sugar in our Blood


Over the last few years I have been digging deeper and deeper into my health, fitness, strength training and physical activity levels and it’s very clear that the “healthcare professionals” are not always correct when it comes to diet, and healthy living. Please understand that I am in no way criticizing our healthcare system, however I truly believe that they are learning from very outdated material at best.

As new breakthroughs come to light and we learn the truths about the human body the material they continue to teach is just not being updated.

What we were always taught; Follow the food pyramid, you can’t eat after a certain time, fat makes you fat, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the 100s of things we thought to be fact are simply not fact at all.

Through my search for healthy living some things stand out as a huge difference from what we knew growing up.

  1. The food pyramid was partly created and modeled from the basic way to sustain life in our troops as they fight wars and battles. Years later we are still teaching the old, outdated, misconstrued information.
  2. Fat does not make you fat, mixing fat and carbs can cause us to over eat and to create a struggle for our body to breakdown the contrasting energy sources.
  3. The Breakfast myth, it is not the most important meal, in fact there is no most important meal at all. When you eat is not as important as what and how you eat.

Lately I have been focusing more on blood sugar and glycogen levels. Fat cannot be burned while you have a presence of insulin, and insulin is present when you eat hi glycemic foods such as some carbohydrates. I’m not saying carbohydrates are bad, they can be an amazing source of energy, however we over consume carbohydrates and do not live the lifestyles of the past. We are lazy, we do not farm our food, we have food 24/7 and really do not have to do any work to get the food. Our balance in life has tipped.

Today I began to track my blood sugar levels and dig deeper into how it impacts my body. I plan on testing how my body responds to foods, exercise, and the lifestyle I live. My goal is to understand a deeper level of how the things I put in my body affect my body.

Some of the tests I plan to do and possibly cover in Real Life / War on Sugar are to test my normal routine to get a baseline and incorporate some of the food I eat on a normal basis. Including cheat meals, alcohol, hi and low carb days as well as my intermittent fasting OMAD (one meal a day). I’m excited to see how my body processes the foods and drinks I intake.

The Lies We Eat


With spring creeping right around the corner I have had many conversations with family and friends about dieting. Some think I’m crazy, some say I’m obsessed; maybe I’m a little of both. However what’s more crazy to me is the lack of basic knowledge about what we eat and how it is processed in our body. To me that is crazy

A diet, what is a diet? I truly dislike the word first of all, and all the word means is “what we eat” we literally all are on a diet or we would die. So I have learned to call it a WOE (way of eating). This is a term used in the Keto world and it makes perfect sense.

There are tons of WOE in the world today and I swear I have done them all. The best advice I can give is if you are looking to become healthy is to break it down to the basics.

Don’t jump on a “dieting bandwagon” because someone else is doing something, or because your doctor tells you to diet. I WOULD recommend talking with your healthcare provider, but learn for yourself what your body needs.

We are all totally different and for me to tell anyone what and how to eat is the lie the food industry has taken full advantage of. They don’t push processed sugar filled foods because they are healthy for us, they push them to line their pockets due to our addiction to sugars and carbs.

Fact: Sugar reacts the same as Cocaine in the brain and the “high” creates a craving that has us seeking higher levels of sugar and carbohydrate foods to maintain a steady “happy” feeling.

I can sit down and look at a few things that will help guide me to help you look in the right direction, and for you specifically. Be cautious if anyone gives you a print out, book, sheet of paper or anything without asking you questions about your activity level, goals, eating habits and a little family background.

What is good for me is specific to me, my body type, eating habits and lifestyle. Now that doesn’t mean what I am doing will not work for you, it simply means the specific details may be different.

  • Please research and learn about the foods you put in your body.
  • Whats the difference between Carbs, Fats and Proteins are.
  • Set reasonable goals that are specific to you, not what someone else is doing.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about exercise, food and health in general.
  • Eating, sleeping and exercise should be a part of your life.
  • How does your body uses Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein.
  • How many calories are in each and how many should YOU have in a day/week. 

According to US and Global Obesity USA is 1st in Top 10 “Industrialized” Countriesfat.JPG

Healthy living should be something we teach our children and not frowned upon as something only the obsessed or the vain do.

Take Control of What You Can Control

healthy living

What is it that motivates you in life, what is the fuel that makes you do the things you may not necessarily want to do? What are the thoughts that push you to fight through the muscle pain and go to the gym? Is it fear of failure? Is it addiction, is it dedication or the desire to becoming a better version of who you are today?

I guess it really depends on what aspect of life we look at. I do not feel the same regarding work as I do my daughters, and as for my fitness and healthy living journey I would say it’s a fine line between addiction and desire to feel better and healthy.

My motivation is partly vanity, I admit, but mostly the desire to feel good and to do everything I can now to add length to my life. Being able to move is probably something you may not think much about. What would you do if slowly over the years you began to weaken, your bones becoming more and more brittle, your movements more of a struggle or even so painful that you chose to limit them all together, reducing the rate of mobility further.

The worst thing we can do is give up on living healthy by sitting around and it begins with the little quiet thoughts of procrastination, I’ll do it tomorrow and honestly I’m the worst at that! If I say that for more than 2 days for many topics in my life there is a pretty good chance it’s not going to happen. So when people ask me why do you post and go to the gym every day? There are two reasons:

  1. I post my check-ins for accountability, I have friends that do the same thing and it’s a way of saying (I’m here guys).
  2. I know that if I skip more than 2 days there’s a good chance that will turn into a week, a month and the slow declining desire to move and eventually eat healthy all together. I know me!

A quick update, inspiration and hopeful motivation.  

Still Intermittent Fasting (18/6 or 20/4) and I’m pretty sure that will be something I have in my tool box of healthy living for the rest of my life and don’t see any reason to stop. Today I weighed in at 174 lbs. (79 kg) a new low for me. With my weight being measured from a scale and leveling off I’m looking into getting a body fat % reading done soon as a way of tracking my fat loss. My “diet” is not really something I am naming anymore, its just not important to me to label my food. I eat as many whole foods as I can, and try to limit processed foods and supplements as much as possible.

“The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts”. – Blaise Pascal

I hope to show by example in all areas of my life the possibilities that a positive mind can have in overcoming struggles in life. I hope my life represents power, gives hope and strength to the many people that are suffering and experiencing hardships in life.

We are all fighting something in life, you are not alone, don’t fight alone. I have someone that has been on my heart lately that is facing the fight of their life. Please stay positive, fight the little battles one at a time, never lose your smile and know that there are many people that care about you and that need you.

The Flavor of the Day

Hello, I am Scott and I’m addicted to diets. Ok, now that I got that out if the way. I feel I may be a little more addicted to labeling and structure than diets. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

I had a Greek yogurt, a black coffee and an egg for breakfast. For lunch I had a salad with the perfect amount of grilled chicken. My mid day snack was a 1/2 A cup of almonds. When I got home from work I ate the entire kitchen and cleaned out the leftovers from the fridge“.. 

That’s what is referd to as a crash diet.. 

I am totally frustrated with the word “diet” and seeing that no matter which direction you turn there is something that is limited or with some diets completely off limits. I began Intermittent Fasting about a year ago, and still absolutely love it and do it daily, I do not consider that a diet. 

I began what’s called the “Keto diet” about 3 months ago and I really messed up in the first couple weeks making the adaptation period less than pleasurable. I finally reached what’s called Ketosis and that is where my fat loss took a huge change. I was dropping about 2 – 3 lbs a week without trying. It was very surprising to say the least. Quickly dropping body fat and increasing energy. You could say, “so what’s the problem” well, nothing, other than I wasn’t enjoying the limited food I was able to consume. I really missed fruit, as in the kind of missing that caused dreaming about bananas. 

So over the last few days I have started to look into other eating habits that may include fruit and I came across something that appealed to my love for healthy eating, it’s the Palio diet..  

Great Scott’s on another diet. Not so fast! 

No, I’m not starting it, for once in my life I’m not going to rely on so much structure and guidelines. I realized I have to put a label on it, and I have to label most things in my life now that I think about it. I crave structure and rules, guidelines and black and white thinking. 

Well, what if I didn’t follow a diet or a way of eating and took complete responsibility to not label my fitness or diet.

So what did no really eat today.

I fasted from 6pm last night until noon today (like most days) and lunch was at a fantastic local Mexican resteraunt of ours. I had a non-diet, non-keto lunch with my girlfriend for the first time in while and it was great. 

Fat loss is so simple, burn more calories than you consume and understand what Carbs, Fats and Proteins are only helps. So today I’m giving up on saying “diet” and taking responsibility and action for the way I eat. We complicate so many things by adding stipulations and in some cases unreasonable expectations on things in our lives. 

As I finish up my 5 mile walk before the gym I hope that if you are reading this and you began the Keto diet because of me please do not stop unless you want to. I do think that it has amazing benifts it’s just not something I desire to do long term.

Again, consistency is far more important than the diet you choose, the workout program you do or the gym you have a membership to. 

Find what works for you, and find internal motivation to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Long Term Consistency > Short Term Intensity


I believe that what we desire is no secret at all; we all know what we truly desire, what we lack is to have purpose for the passions in life. How often do we just do things fully knowing that we are not satisfied with it? How often do we get up for a job we hate?

“The secret of success is consistency of purpose” – Benjamin Disraeli

What if I told you that our brain is wired to trick us into “justifying” doing something we are less than passionate for or things that we may even despise. Our brain has literately thousands of functions however one takes priority over all of them. That is to keep us safe and to see potential threats, the brain sees stress, any stress without judgments.

It will not differentiate one stress from another, so you go to that job daily even though you hate it because your brain knows it’s safe.

No change = safety for the brain and the brain love to feel safe!

Finding what your passionate about and courageously chasing it goes against what the brain says is safe, so the brain (being smart) sets little road blocks up to sabotage your success. It comes in the form of micro thoughts or hesitation.. In that millisecond thought “what if” you have already set in motion the degradation of being successful at the task you are about to face.

I fail at this all the time, but I’m learning to stop the little “what if” thoughts and just think to myself “why not” and push to get out of my ruts. This is where consistency comes in, consistency trains the brain that the particular stress is acceptable and safe.

When I started lifting I failed to push myself, not because I didn’t desire results but because my brain was attempting to save my body from harm. Now when I skip a day of lifting I desire to get back in the gym the next day for sure. My brain doesn’t fight me; consistency has told my brain it’s safe.

This can apply to almost all areas of life, being consistent at anything is the only way to improve and believing it’s ok to fail, taking breaks and getting back into whatever it is that you are passionate about is a success, quitting is a failure.

That is why so many diets fail, it’s not because we don’t want to lose the weight. It’s our brain seeing the diet as a stress or threat and slowly over time justifying that one cheat meal that turns into a skipped day, that you will eventually let a week pass by and at that point the brain rewords you with a little pat on the back for the danger you avoided.

Consistency will re-train the brain and trick it into thinking that the “stress” of the diet or task is safe and acceptable to give energy to.

My First Progress Picture 

A little nervous to post my progress pics but I really want to be real and transparent with my new healthy lifestyle. 

I hope this motivates others to find the answers to the millions of questions regarding health and fitness.

Just a few tips:

  • PLEASE do your research.
  • Find what works for you and be open with people that care and are willing to help with being accountable if you lack motivation.
  • Ask questions, watch YouTube videos, read articles and don’t let anything stop you. 

2 things I do and have researched. I can also give most of my credit to these as well. The 2 things I do are Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic lifestyle.