About me…

Real Life / War on Sugar, I get a lot of comments questioning the name of this blog so lets start there. We all have many sides of ourselves and of our lives, I wanted to have the main areas in my life accessible in one location.

Real Life, my personal journey, my struggles, my most cherished parts of my life and the story I share with others as inspiration.

War on Sugar, the other love of my life, fitness and healthy living. Striving to be the best I can be, grow to be the strongest I can be and also inspire others to join in with living a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.

I am a father or two beautiful girls that are my everything. Love life, love deeply and never be afraid to let others know that they are not alone in this world.


9 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Scott I pray for courage, wisdom, and strength as you continue your Journey, at times as you “unravel the layers of your life” it will feel it will feel strange, scary and that your shouldn’t unravel that layer, this is the point to TRUST Jesus to take you through this tough area of your life….when He does you will find peace and my friend that is what you will achieve along with forgiveness….you will have more love in your heart for your wife, children and others….this will be a Journey worth taking…..God speed my friend….

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  2. Scott,
    Would you allow my non-profit ministry Restoration Ranch TX (www.restorationranchtx.org) to use this story on our website? As a non-profit restorative care ministry we have women from all experiences come into our ministry. We would like to continue to get the word out about real life stories. Thanks so much!

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