About me…

Today is a new day, as everyday is a new day yet I choose to live very strategic and routine driven lifestyle, I guess you could say in my comfort zone. There is a definite line between my internal life and my external life. on the inside there is pain, confusion and trauma, on the outside I’m the funny, artistic mildly eccentric guy. My life started as a confused child from a broken home with many siblings and has turned into what I like to think of as a success story as a father of two beautiful daughters and a successful businessman. There is a constant urge to write inside my mind with the words flowing far too fast for my fingers to type, writing slows my mind as does music. With no musical talent here I am beginning the documentation of the life of Scott Jenkins. I want to express upfront that this is going to be a journey, a process and I hope an inspiration to my children and family.

Real Life… started a few years ago as a Facebook group, I now intend to continue my story as I unravel the layers of my life away from the everyday use of Facebook and hope to someday look back at many years of documented life changing events.


5 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Scott I pray for courage, wisdom, and strength as you continue your Journey, at times as you “unravel the layers of your life” it will feel it will feel strange, scary and that your shouldn’t unravel that layer, this is the point to TRUST Jesus to take you through this tough area of your life….when He does you will find peace and my friend that is what you will achieve along with forgiveness….you will have more love in your heart for your wife, children and others….this will be a Journey worth taking…..God speed my friend….

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