The Lies We Eat


With spring creeping right around the corner I have had many conversations with family and friends about dieting. Some think I’m crazy, some say I’m obsessed; maybe I’m a little of both. However what’s more crazy to me is the lack of basic knowledge about what we eat and how it is processed in our body. To me that is crazy

A diet, what is a diet? I truly dislike the word first of all, and all the word means is “what we eat” we literally all are on a diet or we would die. So I have learned to call it a WOE (way of eating). This is a term used in the Keto world and it makes perfect sense.

There are tons of WOE in the world today and I swear I have done them all. The best advice I can give is if you are looking to become healthy is to break it down to the basics.

Don’t jump on a “dieting bandwagon” because someone else is doing something, or because your doctor tells you to diet. I WOULD recommend talking with your healthcare provider, but learn for yourself what your body needs.

We are all totally different and for me to tell anyone what and how to eat is the lie the food industry has taken full advantage of. They don’t push processed sugar filled foods because they are healthy for us, they push them to line their pockets due to our addiction to sugars and carbs.

Fact: Sugar reacts the same as Cocaine in the brain and the “high” creates a craving that has us seeking higher levels of sugar and carbohydrate foods to maintain a steady “happy” feeling.

I can sit down and look at a few things that will help guide me to help you look in the right direction, and for you specifically. Be cautious if anyone gives you a print out, book, sheet of paper or anything without asking you questions about your activity level, goals, eating habits and a little family background.

What is good for me is specific to me, my body type, eating habits and lifestyle. Now that doesn’t mean what I am doing will not work for you, it simply means the specific details may be different.

  • Please research and learn about the foods you put in your body.
  • Whats the difference between Carbs, Fats and Proteins are.
  • Set reasonable goals that are specific to you, not what someone else is doing.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about exercise, food and health in general.
  • Eating, sleeping and exercise should be a part of your life.
  • How does your body uses Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein.
  • How many calories are in each and how many should YOU have in a day/week. 

According to US and Global Obesity USA is 1st in Top 10 “Industrialized” Countriesfat.JPG

Healthy living should be something we teach our children and not frowned upon as something only the obsessed or the vain do.


Overcoming yesterday’s Perspective and Learning to Love Today’s Perspective.

Sometimes a step back is two steps forward. Today I had the opportunity and honor to film my 3rd training video of my career, and this being the first for Zoetis. Today really made me think about life and all my perspectives.

I have always had a dream of being a movie star and at this point in my life it’s just not feasible. At times that really shrinks what I think of myself and makes me ask myself, why am I living so small?

I could do so much more with my life, however who would Scott Jenkins be if I would have pursued acting more? Hundreds of questions flood my head when thinking “what if” and being something different in life. Would I have my girls, would I be married, would I have even married at all, would I even been successful enough to make a life out of acting.

I have no doubt that I could have done something in the world of acting, and today I feel like I’m enough, being content with my quiet little life.

No I’m not a movie star, but I’m one of the most important people in the lives of two beautiful girls, friend to many, loved by others and so much more. What would I have had to give up to peruse a career in acting? Maybe I did hit it big and I’m just thinking about it wrong. Perspective of what could be will always be there in the background of what I am today.

This morning during my morning chat with Jen it hit me, I have the best of both worlds.

I have done two other training videos that have been seen thousands of times for former Pharmacia, now Pfizer, regarding the L.O.T.O. (lock out tag out) training.

Today I added my third training video to the list for Zoetis. This Computer based training video will also be viewed by everyone that works for Zoetis Global today and plan to in the future.

Perspective; I am a star in my own way and can have my little life; the best of both worlds and way more fulfilling to my heart.

I really love little moments that ease the questions our heart asks and the chances we get to challenge our perspectives in life.

I have some many questions that need to be asked, and perspectives that I’m ready to challenge. I’m excited to see what 2018 brings, what questions are answered, and the perspectives I have the opportunity to change.

Today’s Perspective change: I’m not just the last choice in others lives, they choose me because I’m special. 

Are You Feeding The Victim Inside


I want to tell you a story about setting expectations and the choices we have.

If your happiness depends on meeting expectations in life, your life can feel like it fails over and over.

Instead learn to adapt as life changes, lighten up and know that everything is going to be OK. Let go of the victim inside; stop feeding him (or her), they will never be satisfied and will always find something to blame.

I made plans early in the week to surprise my girls last night with a nice diner, shopping trip and night out of town. I set expectations in my mind for everything, and found myself becoming frustrated when my plans began to fall apart.

My girls had no idea I was even struggling, and I was faced with a choice. I could allow this to destroy my night and theirs, or I could adjust my expectations and have fun with them no matter what we did.

We drove about an hour to go shopping, only to find no deals at all. In fact, prices were actually higher than in our town; however the experience of getting away was priceless.  On the way to dinner we ran into a huge traffic jam that set us back over 30 minutes for diner, and dinner was fair at best, and we had a great time all night.

If I would have allowed myself to feed the victim inside, our night would have been totally different.  I made the choice to adjust with the environment and let go of my expectations all together. My girls had no idea what expectations I set for the night, they just enjoyed our time together and the experience of getting away.

How many things in life do we destroy by setting expectations for something and when they are not met, we make the choice to feed our victim?


Maybe it’s time to hand in our victim card.

Where Did My Little Girls Go, and Who Are These Women


The more I experience in life the more I see none of the time I spent worrying changed any of the circumstances or outcomes I have faced at all. I have found strength in the pain, loss and life changing events and facing the truth that I control nothing has released me from the choking grasp it had on my life.

One worry I fail to manage is the worry for my children; I wish I could shelter them from heartbreak, protect them from the dangers of violence and stand by their side to fight off the bullies. However what service would that do for the lessons and journey in life? Most of the lessons I have learned in life were forged through hardship, pain, and the best lessons are not taught by a book or hearing it from someone’s interpretation of what happened.

As a father of two daughters, the fear I have for them is relentless. I have seen what the world can do to little girls, I was a dumb boy once and now all I can do is shake my head when my daughters tells me stories of how their heartbreaks happen.  As I sit and listen, considering how to express my opinion and outlook the quiet voice in my heart says “just be there for her and let her feel this” but its nothing but a whisper in a room full of screaming “tell her all about how boys can be, call him, break his arm”.

So the battle to protect my girls continues as I sit and watch, knowing there really isn’t much I can or should do other than stand by, hug them, wipe the tears off their cheeks and show them that I am here for them always and that my love never takes a break.

When I look back on all these worries,
I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed
that he had had a lot of trouble in his life,
most of which had never happened.
– Winston Churchill

Adapting to them growing up is my struggle today. Where did my little girls go and when were they replaced by these young women? I wish I would have watched them grow more and focused less on my own life. I remember the first steps, the first dada, first teeth and the bedtime routines. Now that has all been replaced by college applications, boyfriends, friend drama and the waves of fluctuating emotions that strips the house of all joy for one week every month. When did my little girls grow up, and I wish so badly that I could see the little girls again just for a few hours.

We All Have These Moments; Sometimes We Let Them Change Us.


I had a moment this morning that I haven’t had in a while; you know the moment, the “how did I get here” moment. However this time it’s not from a broken place as it has been in the past, it’s from a place of peace that I feel in my heart everything is going to be ok in life. When you are not consumed with worry and anxiety all the time it allows for other thoughts to enter.

Learning that we may never know all the answers to the questions in life has so much power in it, finding peace and believing that will give you the power to let go of so many things that we hold so close that will not feed our lives.

I have a tendency to worry; to worry about everything big or small and try to manage it all in my head. I feel like I have been asleep for so many years, driven by staying in my safe place of routine and what is familiar fueled by anxiety and believing the illusion that I was in control of any part of my life.

“Be thankful that life is a mystery.
There is so much we can never know.
Breathe deeply and relax into the not-knowing.
There is much that we do not have to know in order to live joyfully”.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I have found that there are very few things that we can actually control, and I gave most of that power away to others by believing the words they say about me. You’re too tall, you have chicken legs, you are too goofy to be taken serious, a class clown, idiot, you are just a ginger, you will never amount to anything, and a failure.

I’m 37 years old now and I still think some of these are true even though I have proven all of them wrong.

I struggle to tell myself I’m not an idiot, I’m actually very smart, I don’t have chicken legs, I have long muscles and high insertion points, I have amounted to quite a bit, I’m not a failure, but I have messed up in life, yes I’m goofy and I can be serious.

What do you tell yourself? Do you still hold onto the things you were told as a child? If so, let it go and begin to live the life you have been dreaming of. You are the only one that has the power to hold your life back from the potential of what it could be.

Somethings we can’t change, some questions we will never have answers to. learning and understand that to be true and finding peace knowing that some things will never be answered has so much power in it. Control what we can control, let the rest go, love yourself and love others, build up our children to not become broken adults and spread kind words not hate. Dare to live bold and let go of what you think you can control

Sometimes we wish for something so bad, until we get it

We have all heard the saying “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” a time or two in our lives I’m sure. The full extent of that has never been so sobering until now.

At the end of 2017 I wrote a blog that to this day I struggle to pinpoint if I’m glad I wrote it or if it was a curse that continues to haunt me into 2018. 

For most of my friends and family I’m known as a joker, fun guy and finding humor in almost everything. However, inside I really enjoy alone time, downtime and to just sitting in the dark alone with music and disconnecting from everything. That balance has been a struggle lately and impacting my life more than I would like it to. 

That all changed the day after I posted the story of my daughter and her brush with danger. I really don’t like to bring it up anymore, but due to needing context for this post I feel it’s necessary. 

I really haven’t felt the desire to write much since the post due to its overwhelmingly high amount of communication that followed the post. I literally cannot tell you how many messages, Facebook pages wanting to share or publish the post, news channels, radio stations, podcast, magazines and phone calls I have received to interviewed us. In fact I have a phone call scheduled with another magazine for tomorrow at noon…

It’s overwhelming, and a small part of me wants it to go away, and if it wasn’t for the feelings of comfort I have for how many homes it may have impacted I would probably start over with my WordPress. 

I really hope to feel the passion to write again, so for now maybe a break is needed. 

My girlfriend and I have a saying that we use all the time, and it’s always worked out. So I guess I’ll “play it by ear”, and time will tell what direction my writing and Real Life / War on Sugar blog will travel.

Maybe 2018 will be a year of reflection more than pressing forward, and focusing on trying to grow rather than seeking a crowd to walk with.

So this may be my last post for a while. Maybe it’s time I go inside and not try so hard to “express” so much of what I feel.

To my subscriber’s and followers don’t forget to love others on the roads we travel and some changes in life may feel scary at first but may just be the best things for me.

With all this said, I don’t want to leave on a down note. My life has reached new levels of passion in different areas and my relationships with my family have become so much deeper. Jen and I are doing great and everything in my life feels calm and peacful. 

Today is Tomorrow in Progress 

Have you ever sat back and pondered the good old days; you know back before life happened, back before bills, responsibility and the cycle of being an adult. 

I have missed out on many good times in life focusing on the good old days and comparing today to yesterday. What if today is seen as tomorrows good old day? Would you act differently today knowing that a year from now this day in time may just be one of “the good old days”.

Today is tomorrow in process and I constantly try to stay positive and tell myself maybe tomorrow will be better on days that don’t go as planned. What is this plan I strive to stick to anyways? All the expectations we set for how anything is “supposed” to go is a lie we tell ourselves to feel in control of something. In reality we are not in control of anything but our responses and integrity. 
Has anything in life really even gone as planned. I mean sure I have had days that were uneventful and days that I feel I could have lived without. But what if the hard days in our lives could be seen as just another step in the process of life. Would the power we give to the crappy days have as much power as we give them.

“There are all kinds of futures. There is a hoped-for future, there is a feared future, there is a predictable future, and there is an unimagined future”. – Werner Erhard

Today is Today, good or bad it’s a day in the life we have created by the responces we chose to make.

I have chosen every path I have taken and the outcome of that has been what has created who I am today. Learning to take responsibility for the roads I have chosen to travel has been one of the most freeing feelings I have ever felt.

Absolutely there are outside influences that are out of our control, and events that hit us like a ton of bricks but how we respond will determine who we are and what we believe.

Today just might be a good old day in the making, it’s our choice to see it however we want to see it. It can be a day in our lives that we look back and smile about or a day that we can choose to move past without making any kind of impact in anyone’s life. 

Learning to smile and love through pain has given me a power to overcome so many things in my life. The power to cry and smile is a power that nothing can destroy. 

How do I hold all the contrasting ambivalence?

Over the last couple weeks I really haven’t had the desire to write, as much as I miss it and truly feel the need to write and vent I don’t fake well and really need to emotionally connect with what I’m writing. Here I am sitting in the dark, listening to music and writing.

“With courage you will dare to take risks,
have the strength to be compassionate,
and the wisdom to be humble.
Courage is the foundation of integrity”.
– Keshavan Nair

I have so many things on my mind, and all of them contrasting one another and at the farthest ends of the spectrum. My girlfriend’s family has been rocked with the loss of both grandfathers in one week, and both will be missed more than I can describe in words. They were both a couple of the good ones, and here we are to hold the pieces and memories that are left.

My heart hurts to see these great men pass, I wanted more time to get to know them, and I wanted to hear the stories they have to share.

Jens father was 100 years old; I can’t imagine what he has experienced in those 100 years. Her other father was taken far too young and so quickly by illness; I have only known him for a few short years but he has always treated me like family, being that I am her boyfriend and he was her ex-husbands father, that says everything about his views in life, he didn’t care who you were if you treated others with love you were family.

I’m overwhelmed with the last post I wrote as it continues to climb far past 1 million views. I fear for the safety of my girls, yet excited that her story has reached so many homes.

My heart hurts so badly for the struggle the mother of my girls is facing with Cancer and the fear I hear at times in our conversations. My work is mentally demanding and can at times be stressful in such a different way than what I’m used to; all that and I’m in love and want to start a new life with this amazing woman.

How do I navigate the new love and passion in my life and at the same time feel so much pain, hurt and struggle. Most of what I am feeling has nothing to do with me directly, however I feel it as if it were my father I lost, I am scared as if it was my body that is fighting Cancer, this struggle with the curse of empathy continues. To feel everything so deeply is both a blessing and a curse.

Where to Begin and What to do Next


I’m blown away,

I’m totally in shock and really have no idea what to do next with everything that has come from our post “Just How Far Does Human Sex Trafficking Reach” and telling the very personal story my daughter our family experienced.

We have been contacted by hundreds of people, a number that is hard to even explain in words. At this time we are quickly approaching 600k people reached and there is no sight of this post slowing down. It seems to be getting more and more shares every day.

Every morning I get up to messages, comments and posts regarding the article. I am overjoyed with the amount of families that we reached and to see how many parents began such a “taboo” and hard conversation with their children due to the post. We have been interviewed by one of our local news groups and heard that another wants to also run an article about this, we also have been on just about ever mom and parent Facebook group and page that I could think of and its not slowing down.

Part of me is saying “what did we do” and the other is confident that we made the right decision in sharing her story. I really could use some help with resources in the Michigan area.

I am no expert on any of this however we are VERY passionate in informing others of the danger our children face on a daily basis. I almost feel that we are standing alone with having to answer 100’s of comments, messages and posts regarding anything from how to check my child’s phone to what we as parents can do to be proactive. It would be nice to stand together with some local resources to get the answers to the people that need them.

I would like to thank everyone for the love and support in sharing this story with well over half a million people across the world. Sharing in the story that changed our lives and getting information to the parents and children that may not know the dangers we all face today (proactively) is our number 1 goal in this.

Thank you all for everything, it’s always better to stand together.

“With courage you will dare to take risks,
have the strength to be compassionate,
and the wisdom to be humble.
Courage is the foundation of integrity”.
– Keshavan Nair


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Just How Far Does Human Sex Trafficking Reach?

girls wallet

When you hear the words “human Trafficking” what comes to mind? Do you understand how terrible it is yet think “that’s not really impacting me personally”?

Maybe it is and you don’t know it, because we are not talking about it enough.

What I am about to tell you is very personal and dear to my heart, many tears have been shed and countless months of detective work to come to the story I am about to tell you.

A year ago Michigan was #2 in the nation for human trafficking based on phone calls received by the human trafficking hotline. Today it’s still in the top 10 however falling lower to states like California and Nevada due to the volume of vacationers that visit those states.

It all started about 5 years ago with a 15 year old boy named Bruce on Instagram. Bruce was a young attractive Hispanic boy, seemingly normal in every way. Little did he know he was the 1st step in an elaborate human trafficking ring. Like many of our children today they really do not understand how the social media outlets spread the entire world and with that come serious threats if not monitored.

Bruce was a “friend” to quite a few of the girls in my daughter’s circle of friends and they would chat daily. Bruce also had many friends that were being introduced to the circle and they all began to chat through Instagram and Kik. Shortly after their introduction I began to see a change in my daughter, she was becoming secretive and sneaky and being that I fully understand how far the internet reaches and quickly things can get out of control on the internet I checked up on my daughter on a regular basis. I would say bi-weekly I would grab her tablet after she went to sleep and begin to dig into her messages, her pictures and to see if things looked appropriate.

I noticed an unusual time gap in some messages and images, and truly didn’t think anything of it until about 2 weeks later. I had a funny feeling one night and grabbed her tablet to do what I thought would be just another normal check… What I found to this day haunts my mind and makes my heart sink.

It began with a picture, a questionably inappropriate for a girl her age and the sexy pose set my red flag on fire. So my digging turned into a manhunt checking EVERYTHING in all her accounts.

You see Bruce was a real boy, totally naïve to the “friends” he had in his circle. As I finished my digging into her accounts all I was left with were tears in my eyes and a burning fire in my heart to destroy every boy on her Instagram account and it was just the beginning.

I began to use the power of Google to do some searching and looking up secondary accounts of some of the friends in this circle (not something children are willing to doonce I saw that 4 of the “friends” in the circle were clearly adult men, my heartbreak turned to anger and rage. After about 2 days of almost endless scouring the internet for info on these MEN I came to the conclusion that I needed to take action with the Police. We were quickly met by the detective of the Cyber Task Force of Portage Police department and all our technology was requested.  After 7 months they called us in to report the most terrifying words I have ever heard, “Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, can you and your family please come to the Police station as soon as possible” NOT something you ever want to hear.

After we arrived we entered into a small conference room in the back of the Portage Police station and began to listen as he explained how my digging may have saved my daughter from abduction.

Bruce was like I said a normal 15 year old boy, what I didn’t know was the friends that were men acting as “friends” have set Bruce out as a scout… He was the first safe face that our children see; he unknowingly was luring young girls into his circle as prey for the men to pick and choose from. The circle of Bruce’s friend list reached the globe and his over 2k followers were nothing more than a smorgasbord of young unaware children these men were chatting with. OUR CHILDREN..

This is not someone else’s problem, this is right here, right now and real as the tears I shed for the innocence that was stolen from my daughter. My beautiful girl was prey for these monsters, she was quickly approaching a meetup (in her words) and I fear that I may have never seen my daughter again.

I hope this triggers fear in the hearts of every one of you. Dig in your children’s accounts, ask them question, and tell them not to have “friends” that they don’t actually know. I had no idea just how close it came to never seeing my daughter again, it’s worth the little upset hurt feelings of your child to keep them safe. If you do not know or understand what to look for or how ASK someone that does that you trust with the life of your child.

This picture of my daughters may have been the last picture I had with both of them together. This was taken around the time Haylee met Bruce..

1 (888) 373-7888

National Human Trafficking Resource Center